Pentosan Polysulfide is a semi-synthetic polysulfide xylan that is used as a medicine. Viralii Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd as a reputed Pentosan medicine supplier in India offers Pentosan Polysulfide medicine with the name Pentosan 100. In this blog, Viralii Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd explains 3 quick facts about Pentosan Polysulfide medicine such that patients and their attendants are aware about Pentosan medicine usage when prescribed by doctors:
Pentosan medicine usage
Pentosan is widely used for the treatment of interstitial cystitis or painful bladder syndrome where the primary symptom is discomfort in the bladder wall. It is also prescribed for osteoarthritis patients.
Some medical studies also call Pentosan as an anticoagulant.
Viralii Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd is a Pentosan medicine exporter in India.
Pentosan Medicine Dosage
Pentosan medicine must be taken by patients based on doctor’s advice only. Pentosan is available in capsule/tablet form in the market. It can be taken both before and after meal up to three times in a day.
Pentosan Medicine Precaution
As Pentosan also works as an anticoagulant, it can increase bleeding. Please convey your doctor about any kind of bleeding or blood clotting disorder.
Following patients must discuss with doctor before beginning Pentosan medicine course:
a) Pregnant, Breastfeeding or planning to be pregnant women
b) If allergic to any medicine such as pentosan polysulfate, danaparoid (Orgaran) and heparin
c) Ongoing dental treatment
You can take Pentosan medicine in case you miss a dose. However, extra dosage of Pentosan medicine than prescribed by doctor might lead to abnormalities.
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Pentosan Medicine Precaution Side Effects
Pentosan medicine may cause side effects particularly when taking for the first time. The common side effects of Pentosan medicine are dizziness, mood swing, sleep deprivation, skin irritation, headache, heartburn, stomach disorder, hair loss, bleeding and vomit.
In case any of the side effects become unbearable, please seek immediate medical attention.
The aforementioned list of 3 quick facts about Pentosan medicine aims to help patients prescribed with this medicine. This list of 3 quick facts about Pentosan medicine is compiled by Viralii Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.

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