One of the very first success tips that I learned when I got into professional sales was this, “One’s sales success is directly impacted by the diversity of one’s prospecting techniques”.

Fast forward to my arrival on to the network marketing scene…The only prospecting technique my up-line at the time was using and encouraging his team to use was (I’m sure you heard this one too.) Just make a list of 100 people you know, call them and say blah.

Well, I am going to share with you a few network marketing success tips network marketing success tips on effective ways to generate qualified leads for your business that will not alienate all your friends and family members.

Network Marketing Success Tip #1 – Social Media

Social media is the easiest and fastest marketing channel out there today and has completely changed how we communicate, engage with others, and build relationships. It is for real. Facebook is now used by 1 in every 8 people on earth, LinkedIn is growing at a rate that is faster than two new members per second, and new users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day. That is a lot of people one has access to.

To get started, pick one social media network, start using it daily and build a network. Be sure to lead with value, not your product or service. Provide valuable, interesting, and appropriate information to engage others in a conversation to build trust. Then mention your product or service casually.

Network Marketing Success Tip #2 – The Internet

It is a commonly known fact by anyone that has ever been in network marketing longer than a week that most companies provide you with a website. That’s great, but you cannot optimize a site that 2 million other people have. So you must create a website that can be optimized.

Here is one of the most little known network marketing success tips "You can create a site that promotes YOU", and optimize it. People sign up because they know, trust, and like YOU. Your company comes second.

Start with a blog and share what you have learned about building a business. Search your favorite search engine for “blog sites”. You will have a blog up and running in no time. Write about what you know. Trust me. If you are reading this article, you already know a lot more than most people who get into network marketing.

Network Marketing Success Tip #3 – Good Old Fashioned Networking

For success in any business you want to tell your story to as many people per day as you can. So, get out and meet people.

Start with Meetups. Most of them are free and are in every city in the U.S. Look for networking groups to attend. Just use your favorite search engine to look for “networking group (YOUR CITY)”.

Put some time and effort into creating a 30 second elevator pitch before you go to a networking meeting. Be concise, and remember the elevator pitch is designed to create interest.

For example: “My name is Dave, I help individuals and business owners save money on items they already buy, reduce their overhead, and significantly increase their income without interfering with what they already do.”

Did I create a little curiosity with you?

I hope you found these network marketing success tips helpful. Happy Hunting!

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Dave Fingers is a professional online marketer.

Dave created Network Marketing Trends to help network marketers develop successful Lead Generation and proven Business Strategies. These strategies empower any business to get where they want to be quickly.

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