Is your building not that spacious? Are you planning to tear down your garage to extend your residential space? Well, it’s not a job to be done single-handedly. Garage demolition has always been a hassle. The use of heavy-duty machinery and equipment makes it an arduous task for a majority of homeowners and that is when they search for residential demolition in Perth for an efficient and safe demolition.

Whether you are tearing down the whole structure or opting for partial demolition, proper safety measures need to be taken to minimise the risks involved in the operation. Moreover, disposing of the debris in an organised manner is a major part of the job. It’s not possible for a layman to know the technicalities involved in the process and that is why hiring professional contractors becomes essential.

If you are surfing the web frenziedly for tear down garage DIY, stay glued till the end of this article for a safe and hassle-free garage demolition.

Permits, Plumbing and Electrical Fixtures

It is one of the primary concerns when it comes to tearing down a garage. You need to obtain necessary permits and adhere to the rules and regulations before taking the plunge. Once you are done with the official formalities and got the permit, the next thing you need to do is turn off your gas, electricity and water connections. Does your garage have sub-panel? If so, you need to switch off the breaker situated in the main panel. Likewise, you need to disconnect all the water and gas lines and cap them.

Unfolding the Roof and Its Sidings

For a safe and easy garage roof removal, there is no other way better than uncover it in small pieces and remove them in parts. If you have hired a truck, you can pile the entire roofing in the truck bed for easy disposal. To shed off the sidings, you need to pry the windows and doors at first. As in the case with roof sheathing, the sidings may hold some recyclable value if you can remove it safely with minimal damage. On the other hand, there’s no use to put your efforts in removing the drywall interiors as it can’t be reused.

Disassembling the Framing

For taking out the framings, you need a pry hammer and safety measures such as protective eyewear and clothing. The process of taking down the existing roof trusses is a bit difficult and too heavy for a person to handle while balancing the ladder. If you want to disconnect each wall before taking them apart finally, you can use two-by-fours as a support to prevent the walls from crashing down. As a helping hand, you can contact the experts providing best house demolition in Mandurah who are always there at your assistance. They keep the safety aspects in mind while de-nailing each framing. Effective de-nailing facilitates the wood to stack quickly.

Final Words

The process of garage demolition requires skills and experience. It’s not a job to be managed single-handedly. So if you are planning to demolish your garage, reach the professional contractors for a safe and hassle-free demolition.

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The author is associated with one of the leading companies providing house demolition in Mandurah and has several years of experience in providing residential demolition in Perth.