It costs too much to do business with some people.

Who are your “some people?”

How much time do they steal from your enjoyable customers? How much energy do you give them? How much attention that can be more profitably invested in your ideal customers’ relationships?

You’re throwing good time, energy, attention and therefore money after bad.

So why are you doing business with “some people?”

Select one of them. Just one. The most obnoxious of the bunch.

Fire them.

Here are 3 Positive Ways to Do Business with Ideal Customers:

Displace Them
First, decide to displace the customer who is taking money out of your pocket.

Explain the situation something like this: “Mr. Jones, it’s obvious that I can’t seem to get it right for you no matter how hard I try. So, to help you get what you’re looking for, here’s a list of my best competitors that provide a similar product/service and their phone numbers. I am sure one of them will be able to help you.”

By doing so, you release yourself from the time, energy, and attention it costs you to do business with Mr. Jones.

Replace Them
Second, make a list of your ideal customers/clients. As you write their names, think about why they are ideal. Maybe it’s because they pay on time. Or, they do repeat business with you. Or, send their friends to see you.

Now select one from this list. The next time Ms. Smith comes in, or you can call her, say something like, “Ms. Smith, I really appreciate doing business with you. You always (insert your appreciated characteristic here). I’d like to say ‘Thank you.’ So here’s a gift card to (insert local restaurant here). Have a nice meal on me. And if you think of a friend who I can take good care of the way I do you, please feel free to give me her name and phone number, okay?”

Ms. Smith, your ideal customer, knows others like herself. By gifting and asking, you replace Mr. Jones with a friend of Ms. Smith.

Feeling more profitable and better already, right?

In-Place Them
When Ms. Smith’s friend, Ms. Miller, comes in and does business with you, have the same gift-and-referral-request conversation with her that you did with Ms. Smith, who already told her about your outstanding customer service. She expects to receive the gift card and to provide you with one of her friend’s information.

Keep her in place by repeating your successful formula.

And go select your next Mr. Jones to displace and replace so you increase your sales with greater productivity and get out of the office earlier—Work Positive!

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Dr. Joey Faucette is the #1 Amazon best-selling author of Work Positive in a Negative World (Entrepreneur Press), Work Positive coach, & speaker who helps business professionals increase sales with greater productivity so they leave the office earlier to do what they love with those they love. Discover more at