Did you know that . . .
-Pain affects more people in the U.S. than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined
Pain is especially a problem for mothers - whether they have infants and toddlers, young children, teens or even kids in college.
When a mother is consumed with pain it stops her from being present, from really listening, from speaking up, from having fun with her kids, her spouse and her friends,
Pain stops mothers from going on vacation with her family, from playing games with her kids.
Pain stops mothers from having the energy or the desire to be intimate with her partner.
I’m Jacqueline Kane, the creator of the Stop the Pain system.
My mission is to help mothers with kids of any age, live pain free, happy and energized lives.
There are so many stresser’s on us now - more than ever.
Moms have all the stressors that other women have - home, career, relationships, finances.
But moms have way more. Moms have spouses and children. Homes to manage.
And with the added stressors of cell phones, computers - really new technology coming out daily, new information we’re pressured to be on top of all the time.
Well, it’s no wonder more and more moms are living in constant, chronic or debilitating physical pain.
BUt it doesn’t have to be that way.
IT IS possible to live without pain, even if you’ve had it for months, years or even decades.
If you are experiencing the kind of pain that keeps you home,
alone and barely making it through each day and wondering how much longer you can live like this . . .
. . . I want you to know you’re not alone. I’ve been there.
It’s natural for mothers in pain to feel overwhelmed by all the contradictory information out there.
They’re determined to find a way out, but get exhausted and discouraged looking for solutions, trying lots of them.
They try suppliments, diets, drugs -
and it’s so frustrating to get their hopes up, feel better for a few days or weeks, then be back where they started - in pain, exhausted and discouraged.
After working with hundreds of clients I have discovered that there are 3 Pain Myths that keep moms exhausted, hurting and discouraged, worried things will never change, or continue to get worse.
These 3 Pain myths are so commonly accepted, mothers don’t usually even question them.
The number one myth keeping moms in pain is that physical pain has only physical causes.
Yes it's true that there are physical reasons for pain, like not having enough synovial fluid in the joints. Joints that are inflamed. Or the body is not hydrated.
These can be absolutely true and contribute to the cause of pain.
But I am here to tell you that the myth is False when people believe that pain is ONLY about physical causes.
What moms in pain are missing is the fact that there are mental and emotional contributors to pain.
These can play a huge role in causing pain - that’s unknown, and invisible.
It is ONLY when we heal the trauma suppressed or stored in the body from past events, you know, the memories that play over and over in your mind - mostly without you even realizing they are there.
It is then that the body can truly heal by releasing the physical pain and discomfort AND the emotional / mental contributors.
Let me say this again, more simply, because it’s essential to understand this.
The root cause of the pain is actually not the physical body. The root of the pain is in the unconscious mind.
It is only when we release the unconscious programming that switched on the pain, that the pain can dissipate.
And all those symptoms we thought were only physical, just melt away all on their own.
Pain myth #2 is that You need a dr, bodywork or medication, to heal your body.
I also thought I needed something outside of myself to heal my pain.
When I first started my business I was helping my clients get out of pain using bodywork, and I was reluctant to let it go,because I too believed that people in pain needed a doctor, medication or bodywork to release the pain and heal.
My clients are all having long lasting results and staying pain free for days and longer without going to doctors, without taking pain medication and without having to come in for weekly bodywork.

Pain Myth #3
is that physical discomfort is part of aging; it’s just the way it is.
So mothers think “I'm getting older so I have to hurt. I can't do everything I want to do.”
The truth is that your body is designed to function for one hundred years at least! This is based on the latest research.
Your body is only giving out on you because it's decaying, not because it's wearing out.
It’s the daily choices for how a woman is living and taking care of her body that cause it to decay: the processed foods, dehydration, lack of body movement, poor sleep hygiene, and stress.
Factor in not paying attention to the negative self talk in her mind which shoots off harmful chemicals in the brain versus positive self-talk of ‘feel good’ electrochemicals.
These same factors for decay are what I see over and over that keep people in pain. And - I’ve had the pleasure to see just how fast healing can occur when changes are made.
So, which of these 3 myths did you believe? Are you ready to refute them and believe in current, cutting-edge technologies of healing research?

If you are ready to dive deeper schedule your complimentary Real Pain Relief session today.

Jacqueline Kane, the Stop the Pain Specialist, supports women in discovering the crucial hidden links between their physical pain and finances, and their ability to live a full life. With over 15-years in private practice as a healer, and over 30-years in health care, Jacqueline has merged her innate wisdom with a multitude of healing modalities to create a unique, results-oriented method of healing. If you’re ready to reach your health and wealth goals today visit www.JacquelineKane.com.

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By diving deep underneath the surface and symptoms of chronic pain, Jacqueline Kane, the Stop the Pain Specialist, supports women in discovering and healing the crucial hidden links between physical pain, finances, and the ability to live a full life. With over 15-years in private practice as a healer, and over 30-years in health care, Jacqueline has merged her innate wisdom with a multitude of healing modalities, including Bowenwork, Emotional Freedom Technique, Evolutionary Meditation, Soul Clearing and more to create unique, results-oriented methods for healing.

Jacqueline’s powerful programs, available to individuals, groups, and organizations, liberate clients from both physical pain and financial struggle, so they create a path to energy, health, ease with money, and personal fulfillment. She is the creator of the Healthy Wealthy Success System© that guides women in creating a joyful, pain-free life full of energy and financial success. Learn more at www.JacquelineKane.com