So you’ve got your agents, and your products are all lined up. What’s next? Telephone Lead Generation is not as easy as it seems. No matter how enthusiastic your people are, you cannot begin your service without the essentials – contacts, scripts, and strategy.

Where do you even begin? And how can you acquire your contacts? No, we don’t encourage you to call your close friends or their friends’ friends. Building your contact list means doing a lot of research, targeting the businesses you know will benefit from your service, or buying the information from external vendors. You need up-to-date information of business names, contact details and addresses. Building your contact list will broaden your scope.
What’s a contact list without the right sales pitch? Scripts are essential to the Telephone Based Lead Generation team. You want to begin with the right introduction to compel and attract your client. Write out a variety of scripts and pilot them to a few of your friends. Learn to understand the tone and message potential leads are looking for. Will you convince them with a simple “hello”? Learn the art of stretching the conversation and help your agents gain the confidence to do so as well.

Working with people who are willing to put out most of the hard work for you is a blessing in itself. Strategy therefore, means knowing how to manage the morale of your agents and using effective tools to measure their progress.

Remember that Outbound Lead Generation agents have to deal with rejection several times a day. Balance your expectations and the pressure you put on your people by providing fun and engaging activities that might help them feel good and dedicate more of their time to you. Make it a habit to re-affirm when the calls are becoming toxic.

In addition to re-affirming them, explore measurement tools you can use to look at key performance indicators. Look into calls, contact rates, lead rates, follow-up percentage, and sales.

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Matt Hallaran is an Outsourcing Specialist, Founder and CEO of Sidekiiks Outsourcing Solutions a Business Process Outsourcing Company. Sidekiiks supports entrepreneurs and SME’s with an array of cost effective business services that help their clients grow and become more productive. Matt is an avid outdoorsmen with keen interests in sailing, snowboarding and mountain biking. Above all, Matt has a passion for traveling and educating people how they can work efficiently and often from anywhere when leveraging the power of the Internet and virtual work teams.