One common question guys ask is- whether to bring flowers on their first-ever date! As surprising as it may sound, a fair share of (supposedly-failed) romantics will say- no.

But that’s rubbish as far as their so-called sane opinion goes. The truth is, there is no better way to express the feeling of love and ecstasy than a bouquet of gorgeous flowers.

The excitement... the anticipation... not to forget the jitters of the first-date- each is common signs of the nerve-wracking feeling inside them. The best way to suppress this stressful situation is to put the best foot forward, dress up as a dapper, spritz a bit of cologne and take a bouquet of blooms as a romantic gesture.

When it comes to choosing the right blooms for the first-ever date, it is normal to be overwhelmed by the supernumerary of options existing. But unless it’s a blind date; one, fortunately, knows a little bit of their date’s personality. And using that; one can pick the bloom which matches best with it.

So, let’s begin!

  1. Romantic RED ROSES

The deep red colour of roses signifies passion, deep commitment and pure affection. This is the commonest of blooms which most guys present their women on their first-ever date, but strange as it may sound, the charm of roses still hasn’t faded.

Presenting roses on the first-date tells a lot about the person. It reveals their intentions of expecting true love and depicts one who is not afraid to express their feelings.

One can get gorgeous rose bouquets from both physical florists or by ordering through online flower delivery services in Dandenong according to the event. And the fact that roses are the most popular blooms for dates, anniversaries and engagements; one will find no scarcity of them.

  1. Elegant WHITE LILLIES

White lilies are another bloom option to go with as a first-date present. Gifting white lillies depicts the guy as respectful, thoughtful, caring, sensible and someone who admires the unique qualities of one’s date. White lilies also imply loyalty and someone who will treat his women like a queen.

  1. DYNAMIC DAISIES To Evoke Fun and Playfulness

Daisies are the perfect token of youthfulness, innocence and purity of the heart. It is also best if the woman is dynamic, fun and understanding. Truth be told, if one likes spending time with their woman and doesn’t mind taking time before getting serious, then daisies are the perfect blooms to go with.

Each of these flowers works amazingly in their own way to bring a smile on one’s date. So, pick one accordingly and ensure that this first-outing is the start of many more.

Best Way To Get Them

One can always look up reputed flower delivery services in Brighton to order their bouquets. The good thing about such portals is that one will always find a fresh collection of bouquets at reasonable rates. They also present customers the option of customising their bouquet packages best suited to match their occasion.

What’s more... if one is in a bit of urgency, then these services also provide an exclusive convenience that is same-day delivery. So, find out a trustworthy flower delivery company and order a gorgeous bouquet for their first-date.


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The author is a professional writer and event planner frequently needing the services of flower delivery services in Brighton. With that, the author also educates the readers about the top flower delivery services in Dandenong.