You have goals, dreams and desires that are very important to you. You have real things you wish to achieve this year and in your lifetime. But does it always work out as well as you hoped? Everyone has lessons along the way (never a mistake, always a lesson). You can have the best goals in place and even have a top notch plan to reach them. But unless you have these three things set, there is a good chance you will have more than a few hiccups.

If you take these 3 important steps to reach your biggest goals to heart and practice them every day, you will soon begin to see your dreams become reality.

1. Have Fun To Reach Success

The Problem:

You may have been taught that working hard, using will power and taking action is THE way to get results.

The Happy Solution:

Goals only work when you are motivated to achieve them. Makes sense, yeah. But how do you get motivated? It really has nothing to do with will power. Not really... True motivation comes from inspiration, and inspiration comes from feeling so excited about your plans that you could jump out of bed in the morning just to start your day. It's about finding what you do to be fun!

Richard Branson is the best example of making everything fun. To paraphrase, he often says that his number one reason for doing anything in business, is because it sounds fun! No wonder he is so successful! He follow what FEELS good. Follow your bliss and importantly, take plenty of time to set yourself up before diving into your goal. If it is feeling hard, then step back and go to your imagination. It is the best indicator of what your future will be.

Notice if your thoughts are turning to doom and gloom. Notice if you could be feeling better and prioritize the way you feel. Nothing should be more important than feeling good - especially about your goals. Take time out when you are feeling nervous, overwhelmed or doubtful. Do something that will help you feel good. Exercise, go for a swim, meditate, do absolutely anything that can get you back into the zone and then and only then focus on your project again.

Your Real Life Example:

Think back to starting a project that didn't quite end up how you expected. The wonderful thing about manifestation is that you can ALWAYS trace back through your thoughts and feelings to see how you ended up where you are now.

So think back to the very start when you first came up with the idea. What were your thoughts? Were you hopeful? Did you have doubts? Were you absolutely sure it would work out?

If you go into a project iffy, maybe feeling like it might not be the right time, then there will be timing issues in your project. It won't completely work because your energy wasn't aligned with it - your imagination was telling you what you were creating. I would love to hear your experience with this... Can you can trace back similar scenarios that ended either good or bad? - What were you feeling and doing the times when your goal succeeded? What could you have changed when they ended up 'failing'?

2. Break Your Goals Down So They Feel Attainable

The Problem:

Your goals feel overwhelming and too big to accomplish.

The Happy Solution:

Keep dreaming big, it really is a wonderful thing! But only so big that you can still feel good about it. Write your goal down and break it up into little pieces. To reach your goal you may need a plethora of things in place, such as a whole new website, manufacturers for your product etc... If you have all these things on your list it can easily overwhelm! So break it down into topics.

Each topic is a different thing that needs to be done. Use each topic as a different heading and write tasks under each one, so you have little actionable tasks to do. For instance, if one topic on your list is a website, one task could be to research URL and buy. Another could be to find a web designer, or to undertake Wordpress tutorials so you can do it yourself. Even if you do only one task a day - know you are moving towards your goal and appreciate it.

Your Real Life Example:

What was a big goal you tried to undertake that never even got started? Can you trace back to when it felt too big to achieve? Did you break it down and did you follow little steps? Or perhaps did it end up feeling so impossible you had to give up? We have all been there! Breaking it down into topics and tasks will help clear the way because a little thing done day by day will get the job done, and in fact it's the only way!

3. Focus Forward!

The Problem:

You notice what you don't want so you know what you do want, but you can't stop talking about where you are now and the problems that have been happening to you. Most people have had the tendency to talk about exactly where they are now. It's natural. It's what you can see, it's what is happening and it feels like it's the only truth. Unfortunately this exacerbates the problem. Because you are focused on what is going wrong - that is all that you are able to see, receive and accept.

The Happy Solution:

Find fun in focusing upon what makes you feel good. Live in the now, but focus forward, seeing your future in the best light you can imagine. Know you are always moving towards something bigger and better. Find the best parts of your reality and ignore everything else... You will be doing yourself a favor!

You may need to keep this practice to yourself until you see some results and you may even need to stop talking to some people all together. People have been so fixated on naming reality as it is now, they keep replicating it. So surround yourself with others who are also passionate and happy and determined to reach their goals.

As you focus forward, feel into how pleasant it is to achieve your goal. Be thrilled by it! Remember, you can be as general as you like. You know you are on the right track, when the thought you are thinking produces a happy, appreciative feeling. Every day, visualize 'The Future You' happy - it doesn't even have to involve your specific goal. Simply see yourself feeling good. See yourself moving through the day in happiness doing your favorite things and thank The Universe. Thank yourself (and mean it)! It can often help to see yourself achieving your tasks each day with ease and grace and having plenty of time left over to do something you really enjoy.

Your imagination will lead you to your future. If you see a happy and joyous goal achieved before it even happens and you FEEL so good about it, then you are 80% of the way there. Remember not to be hard on yourself because we all have fluctuating thoughts and feelings. It's normal and ok to have doubts... I use EFT Tapping a few hours a week to smooth out the doubts and the rest the time, I don't focus upon those at all.

Focus upon what you wish to create and what makes you feel good. You can get it going by looking at what is going well in your life now. Even if it is your comfortable bed when you wake up - what a great way to start the day! Spending a few minutes before you get up setting yourself up by feeling good about your bed, house, life, lover, pet... Anything that is lovely will help you feel good, then you can see how it is only getting better and your vision for the future can come alive! Make the way you feel the most important thing, because positive feelings are the indicator you are going in your desired direction.

Your Real Life Example:

What do you tell people about your plans? What do you say when your friends ask how you are? How easy and natural is it to go straight into talking about your stresses? It makes sense, if that is what is happening in your life... But does it help? What can you do to steer your answers to the positive? If you spoke powerful, positive and optimistic words based upon where you want to be going, rather then where you are at - what might change in your life?

Writing down your goals and realizations is a super important part of focusing forward and creating momentum through positive thinking! Do you agree? If so, please share this one - And if you like, use our comments section to affirm your goal! Let us know your answer to one of The 3 Real Life Examples above. How can you now reach your biggest goal?

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Kai Ashley is one of The World's leading experts in healing and transformation. She specializes in helping leaders who have a big vision to make the world a better place and want to make great money doing so!

Kai uses a unique mix of Deep EFT and breathwork that gives extremely powerful results for her clients, often where nothing else has worked before.
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