Most of you think that winning back a guy is all about exerting efforts and showing affection. This is where you are wrong. Guys sometimes lose interest in the relationship if the girl loses attention in taking care of herself. So it should be a lesson to women that they should not give too much of themselves to their partner because it will leave them with nothing but regret and hurt.

Remember, you can not give what you do not have. This means that you cannot give love to others if you do not love your self first. When break up does arrive, try to think about this fact. Once you do, you will realize that you are already working on methods to get your boyfriend back.

1. Take time to pamper yourself.

One way of getting your guy back is to take the time off for yourself first. You can have a makeover by changing your haircut or hair color, putting on some make up when you go out, and buying some new outfits and shoes. You can also go to the gym to keep your body fit or to the spa or wellness center to help your mind relax. These activities will make you feel better and more confident about yourself.
Losing a guy does not mean losing your beauty as well. You alone are in control of your attractiveness and not just some guy. You deserve to be happy and pampered after all that you have been through even without a boyfriend. So that when your ex sees you, he will notice the glow that you have. This will get the magic of making up with you work on him instead of leaving you forever.

2. Keep yourself busy.

Do not keep yourself alone. Go out, have fun and be productive. It will keep your mind off the negative thoughts and feelings brought about by the breakup. You can go to the salon, spa, or gym. If your career has been stagnant for awhile, try to improve it by applying for a new job or venturing into a new business. You can also establish a project that you can work on or do some chores to keep your head busy. This way, you do not only indulge yourself or become more productive but you also have a healthy outlet of your negative emotions.

3. Go out and spend time with friends.

Having a relationship sometimes lessens the time that you spend with your friends. So if you encounter breakups, try to make it up to your friends. Have dinner with them or do fun activities with them. It will make you feel that you still have people who love and care for you and not just your boyfriend.

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