There are three skills that you must master in network marketing if you realistically expect to be successful. The 2k Guerrilla Marketing System will teach you those skills while you earn money at the same time.
1. Prospecting- The first phase of the 2K System is the 10 Day Blitz. Even if you terrified of talking to people, and you say all of the wrong things, you will become above average if you complete the blitz.
It is basic human nature to get better at something that you do a lot of. You will get better at an even faster rate, working with your mentor.
2. Team Building- After you complete your 10 Day Blitz, the next step is to work with the people on your team to duplicate your success. You will teach them what you learn.
Great leaders in the MLM Industry train their teams and coach their leaders.
3. Marketing – To continue to generate leads for your business, you will have to learn marketing. The 2K Guerrilla Marketing System teaches a variety of offline and online marketing strategies.
You will also learn both paid and free marketing strategies. All you have to do is pick the strategies that are best suited to your strengths and your budget, and then focus all of your efforts on mastering those strategies.
Initially you will spend the bulk of your time prospecting, to build your momentum.
In phase 2 you will be working with your new team members and teaching the most serious ones the system.
Once you are able to start marketing, you want to develop a budget and start investing in paid traffic generation strategies as soon as possible.

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