How many times have you thought of renovating your loft space to make them more spacious? If you have, then you should know that a loft conversion (if done properly and with the help of qualified renovators) can increase the overall property value by 10%.

So, if you look at it from the financial point of view, it is one great investment to go ahead with. However, neglecting the basics of a loft conversion can prove to be a recipe for disaster. 

If you have finally decided to go ahead with a loft conversion, then this post highlights some common blunders to avoid at all costs.



Mistake #1:- Not Checking If Your Loft Is Suitable For Conversion

Most experts specialising in home renovations in Cheltenham believe:-

“That there is a very fine line between a good loft conversion and a poorly done one. And a common mistake that most homeowners make is not checking if their loft is suitable for home renovations or not.”

You need to ensure that the design is specific and to do that you need to discuss the scope of conversion from a quality renovation specialist. With that; you also need to acquaint yourself with all the key loft conversion practicalities. You also need to see how low the ridge height it, as if so, then you will need to get more creative in its design.

Furthermore; you also need to make alternations to the roof to free up some space and get an appropriate design. 

Mistake # 2:- Leaving Little Space For Storage Purpose

The whole point of going for a loft conversion is to make more space- both for storage and for personal use. But if you convert your loft without leaving any space, then your new space will get tarnished with clutter. 

Look to avoid this mistake and whatever design you adopt look to leave space for storage purposes (or any other use).

Mistake #3:- Ignoring Proper Thermal Regulation

Do you complain about your attic space hotter than the rest of the house? If so, then you too are among those who constantly crib about this inconvenience. Much of that is due to poor attic design (or even inadequate conversions done previously). That’s what makes your attic space uncomfortably hot during Summers and extremely cold during Winter. 

To end this issue, you should discuss with your expert specialising in home renovations in Beaumaris to add suitable insulation for proper thermal insulation. If not, then even with the next conversion; you will have an attic space which will be very uncomfortable to use.

Careful Consideration Is Necessary!

There is no point investing a fair chunk of your hard-earned money on a loft conversion which doesn’t add any value to your property. And neither does it make sense to do the renovation but still not able to use it as you intended.

So, it is recommended to properly discuss the right design, insulation and other key aspects which lead to remarkable loft conversions. 

So, without further delay, discuss your requirements clearly with quality and experienced home builders serving in and around Cheltenham. Having done such conversions in the past, they will help you avoid such common and unforeseen pitfalls and ensure your project is done properly and as per your specific requirements.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert who works in a team specialising in all sorts of home renovations in Cheltenham. With that, author also does tailored home renovations in Beaumaris using quality materials inside their client’s specific budget.