Keeping the brain sharp and agile is the key to a good memory and three simple memory exercises could help to improve memory and the speed of recall.

Learning a new language is an excellent memory exercise, not only does it provide a new skill, but it also gives the brain the type of exercise which improves memory. Other skills such as a new sport, a new hobby such as knitting or pottery, writing short stories, or learning to play a musical instrument, will all give the brain a workout.

The brain likes new challenges and by keeping the brain ever learning and active, the brain remains sharp and agile and able to tackle the more mundane demands with added vigor.

Playing games which require logic, strategy and provide the brain with a work out is great for boosting the brains memory ability, games such as chess, scrabble, math scrabble for example will not only provide hours of fun and social interaction, but also improve the memory and the brains ability to focus and improve the speed at which the brain is able to recall information.

Puzzles for example crosswords or Sudoku will also give the brain an excellent workout and deliver benefits. Even playing cards games such as bridge, porker or whist, will impart benefits to aid memory.

Not only does the brain need mental exercise it also needs oxygen and nutrition to keep it fit and healthy and ready for the demands of everyday life. A healthy diet teamed with a healthy life style adds the brain in all its functions, and outdoor activities stimulate the brain, even talking a stroll somewhere different, taking the time to take in the views, atmosphere and surroundings is excellent exercise for the brain.

Taking a walk round a park, along the beach front or through a wooded area, etc., all serve to offer the brain something different to process.

Exercising the brain and providing new experiences and stimuli needn’t be expensive or difficult; there are numerous ways of keeping the brain exercised and in top working order.

Just like muscles if you don’t use them you lose them, the same applies to the brain and of course the memory, so keeping the brain and the mind exercised has been proven to protect the brain and memory from becoming sluggish and deteriorating.

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