A lot of different factors can play a role in our level of stress in life. One key factor that can benefit our mental well-being is our environment. Research has shown that our environment can either increase or decrease our level of stress in life.

An unpleasant environment can cause you to be sad or anxious. As a result, your blood pressure can elevate, your muscles can become tense, and your immune system can become suppressed.

Fortunately, a pleasant environment, such as being in a park, can have the opposite effect in helping to improve your mental well-being.

Here are three of the main health benefits of being in a park.

1. Decrease negative emotions

It’s been found that viewing elements of nature in places, such as parks, can reduce negative emotions like anger and fear. In addition, it increases your positive emotions, which not only has an impact on you emotionally, but physically as well.

Being in nature has been found to reduce your heart rate, muscle tension, blood pressure, and the number of stress hormones produced. Health researchers even think nature may help to reduce your mortality. A research study was conducted to find out what would happen when a plant was placed in an office, a school, and a hospital.

In each case, it was concluded that even just having a plant around can have a significant impact on your level of stress and anxiety.

2. Increase pain tolerance

Going to a park can also be an effective way of coping with pain. It’s believed that we are programmed to find natural elements such as plants, trees, and water captivating.

As a result of these elements captivating our attention, we experience a distraction from the pain and discomfort we might be feeling. A study was conducted on patients undergoing gallbladder surgery.

Some were given a view of a wall, while the others were given a view of trees. The study concluded that patients who viewed trees tolerate pain better than those who viewed the walls. It’s one of many studies that have come to this same conclusion.

3. Improve sense of connection

Being in nature areas can also shape the way we feel about our connection with others and our connection with the world.

A University of Illinois study determined that residents in public housing that had trees and green space near their building reported having a strong feeling of unity with their neighbors, knowing more people, and being more concerned with helping one another.

Additionally, it was reported the residents had a strong feeling of belonging compared to those living in buildings without trees. There were also lower levels of violence among domestic partners and a reduced risk of street crime in the area.

These three major health benefits are a good reason to consider going to the park more frequently. The next time you’re feeling anxious or depressed, try taking a walk to the park. Alternatively, you can ride a bike, an e-scooter, or learn something new like riding a hoverboard.
See if it helps to decrease the stress you’re feeling and improve your mood.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.