Landscape architecture can be one of the most beautiful aesthetical additions to a space. It can not only enhance the sustainability quotient of the area but also aid in the development of healthy and vibrant communities. Moreover, it increases the overall value of the property while promising a higher return on investment.
Experts assert that good landscape architecture when complimented with high-quality landscape lighting solutions can not only provide necessary illumination in outdoor spaces but also enhance the architectural design of the space, highlight various elements like garden fountain, plants, etc. and enable a better environment.
Here are some types of landscape luminaires you can decide in order to enhance your landscape architecture:
1. Spotlights
Spotlights are specially designed lights that project a concentrated, narrow beam of light on a subject. They are typically placed in order to highlight various elements like statues, sculptures, exotic plants, and shrub arts. Moreover, they are easy to adjust and can be used to accentuate various architectural details and landscape features.
2. Inground lights
As the name suggests, Inground lights are installed directly into the ground and are often used to illuminate the walkways and driveways. These lights create a soothing up-light effect that can add drama to the landscape architecture. In many cases, people install Inground lights just beneath the trees to add a different character to the space. Moreover, these lights remain hidden which makes only the lighting effect stand out. For instance, you can decide on Inground Lights by Wipro Lighting as they are incorporated with high efficiency LEDs and high purity lenses for a longer life and superior performance.
3. Post lights
Post lights, also known as bollard lights, are typically installed to illuminate the pathways. These lights set an ambient tone without overpowering the brightness furnished by other landscape lighting fixtures. Landscape lights like Fantasy Column or Fantasy Bollard LED by Wipro Lighting are some of the best products that ensure functional symmetric glare free distribution of light. However, people are always suggested to consult a lighting expert or a landscape designer before deciding on the number of lights.
Landscape architecture may include a large number of elements that can be paired with specialized lights. Many people may also have a small pond or pool in their garden area which can be illuminated with underwater luminaires. Moreover, people can also use step lights to illuminate any stair decors.

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