The money is in the list. If you have been studying internet marketing for any period of time, that phrase has become cliché. When most people start learning internet marketing, they may be able to build an email list, but making money from that list is a different story.
Here are three keys to making money with your email list.
1. Deliver Value- Most new marketers are obsessed with trying to make money online. That is probably the reason they are not making money.
Change your paradigm and focus on delivering value to your email list instead. You can do this by linking to content that will build that your subscribers will find beneficial. This content could be an article, blog post, video, or something similar.
2. Brand Yourself First- Most people start by offering affiliate products from gurus. They might not have any experience in the industry, so they feel like they have nothing of value to offer.
A way to overcome this is by writing short report that starts with your story, and then share a beneficial strategy on how to do something in your niche.
Always brand yourself first if you are building a list in your primary niche. Otherwise it will be difficult to develop credibility. If you do not think you can do this, find a different niche.
3. Monetize Your List with Affiliate Products- Offering just any affiliate product that you think will make you money is ineffective. Look for affiliate offers that you feel will truly be beneficial to your subscribers.
You do not have to do everything perfectly. Just do the best you can. Marketing involves testing and tweaking. The more you do it, the better you will get.
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