One of the biggest stumbling blocks in business is narrowing down exactly what it is that you do. Many people can struggle with this for years feeling way less confident than they could and charging way less than they should because they can’t get to clarity around this.

When you are not clear you often end up doing work that is not your purpose and working with people who are not your ideal client. Both of these have a devastating effect on your confidence in yourself and belief in your value.

And doubting your value plays out in your business in so many ways. You doubt your fees, feel an uncertain feeling in your stomach and to avoid feeling it you may stop putting your work out there and really sabotage yourself.

Not being clear about your message and what it is exactly that you do can also cause you to be connected to your passion and inspired one day and the next day waking up feeling zero motivation.

This is a painful place to be, I remember thinking I was clear about what it was that I do, but I really wasn’t.

If you have trouble explaining what you do to some random person you meet then you are not clear.

If people’s eyes glaze over when you tell them what you do, then you are not clear. If the thought of going to a social gathering where you know someone will ask you what you do makes you dread it then you are not clear on what it is that you do.

Getting clear on what exactly it is that you do, so you can explain it to someone and they actually get it is a powerful thing. It can accelerate you in your business like nothing else because you can finally see the true value of your work and you have a strong WHY driving you.

Here are a few shifts in perception to get you started clarifying what it is you do so you can finally move towards owning the value of your work:

1. What you do is not your healing technique, modality or training

People think their training, technique or label for themselves defines what it is they do. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Your clients aren’t people looking for someone to treat them in a certain way or using a certain technique.

Your clients right now are having some big challenges in their lives, challenges that are causing them pain, challenges they can’t solve on their own. Challenges that you can help them move through because of who you are, what you know and your abilities.

They aren’t looking for a healer, they are in pain and are looking for relief from that specific pain in their lives.

2. You are here to help people with a practical everyday challenge

Likely the reason why you can’t explain what you do is you don’t understand the practical everyday challenges that you are here to help people with.

A huge piece of my work is the Intuitive Healing Process I use, but that’s not what I do.

I help spiritually conscious entrepreneurs who are stuck in their business but have no idea why, making way less than they know they are meant to in spite of all they are learning and trying. I help them get out of their own way, get to clarity around their passion, own their value so they can finally begin making real money doing what they love.

I know their pain because I’ve been there and I know the way out. This drives me in my business because I care about my clients, I love that I can help them get out of that pain that I was in a few years ago.

Thinking what I did was help people heal cost me. When I got crystal clear on the challenge I am here to help my clients with I was able to double my business and it continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

3. You are not here to work with everybody

Your purpose is clear. You may not know what it is yet, you may have some clue but I can tell you that your purpose is to help specific people with specific challenges.

I don’t help just any entrepreneur. I only help spiritually conscious entrepreneurs because I get them, I understand how they work, what gets them stuck and what they need to learn to get out of their own way because I am one of them.

Getting to clarity is one of the most profound things you can do to accelerate your business growth and your confidence. Get started right now by setting your intention to get clear and asking for support in this.

Getting clarity around what it is exactly that you do is one of the steps I take all of my clients through. If you would love to have clarity around your purpose, to KNOW the value of the work you do is truly priceless (that’s how you know you’ve nailed your purpose), you can do exactly that in the Freedom to Shine Program that starts right away.

But because I know spiritually conscious entrepreneurs I also know what energetically blocks them from being able to get this clarity and to even know what their gifts are and purpose is. So we heal that first, right away so you can get clear and have unwavering faith in yourself and your business.

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Fia Crandall is the Fear to Faith Guide who helps spiritually conscious entrepreneurs free themselves from the energy dynamics that keep them stuck in their business. Receive her free E-Course "Break Free of the 5 Illusions Secretly Sabotaging the Growth of Your Business!":