Question: What had you go into business for yourself?

Was it the money?

The hours?

The flexibility?

The freedom of carving your own path?

What had you make the leap into being an entrepreneur?

As an executive coach, I most often hear from folks just like you, who want to bust out of the corporate grind, be their own boss and do meaningful work that speaks to their passions and expertise.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and starting your own gig takes courage, tenacity and loads of perseverance!

How do you want to craft your business so it stays true to your vision, your passions and the contributions you want to make in the world?

Whether you’re a solo-preneur or running a large organization, creating sustainable success requires working from a foundation of values, passion and your innate genius.

When you operate from this sweet spot, and invite your team to do the same, you create a collaborative organization that aligns from a place of purpose to create amazing products and services in the world.

Here are 3 keys to help you create your sustainable success.

Key #1: Identify Your Core Values

Start by building your vision on the foundation of your core values and principals. It’s these core principals that fuel your mission, shapes your culture and drives your brand promise.

All of which inspires loyalty and hard work among your team and consistently delivers awesomeness to your clients.

Key #2: Step Into Your Genius Zone

To have your business ultimately be successful you want to step into your Genius Zone and let others on your team do the same.

Your Genius Zone is the place from which you operate most effectively, efficiently and with the greatest amount of joy and ease.

The key is to learn how to operate more and more from your Genius Zone and less and less from the places of resistance that drag you down and drain your energy.

Once you’re clear on where your Genius Zone is, you can much more easily reassess your short-term and long-term goals, reconfigure roles and responsibilities, delegate tasks and make sure you have the right people on your team to compliment your strengths versus duplicating them.

If you’re not clear on where you Genius Zone is exactly, here is a tool that can help you, and your team find their Genius Zone: Talent Dynamics Profile Assessment (

Key # 3: Building Trust and Collaboration

The third fundamental element to creating a sustainable business is all about building Trust.

The more you cooperate with each other based on your core values, common purpose and operating from your Genius Zone, the more it increases the feelings of security, fulfillment, belonging and trust.

Your job as a leader is to create a climate and culture that fosters real dialogue with integrity, consistent actions, transparent communications, clear expectations, commitment and accountability, and genuinely caring for everyone on your team.

When these elements are woven into the fabric of your day–to-day operations, then trust naturally rises and so does the level of collaboration.

And collaboration is key if you want to create a high performing team that is firing on all cylinders.

Bottom line: when you and your team are working from a common set of shared values, and fully utilizing your inherent strengths and talents, you will naturally raise the level of trust and collaboration in your organization.

All of which creates a powerful ripple effect:

Happy team = Improved results

Improved results = Happy clients

Happy clients = Improved profitability

If you’re not getting the results that you’d like, perhaps you need to take a few steps back and evaluate the bigger picture to see where you might be off track in one of these areas.

From a solid foundation, you can build a brand that has your core values woven through every aspect of how you work and what you deliver.

And this is a sure fire way to build your success for the long term.

Author's Bio: 

No Ordinary Personal & Executive Coach – Michele Molitor, PCC is a bit of a Rabble Rouser and an Instigator of Inspiration! She ignites new ideas, successful strategies and more authentic leadership in her clients through her passion as a coach, consultant and speaker. While she may stir the pot, she is sure to get you thinking at the edge of your comfort zone, which inevitably leads to you shining more brightly, contributing your gifts more authentically and creating YOUR version of success!

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