Is your online store built with Magento? Have you migrated your store to Magento 2, the latest version of the platform? If not yet, then get it done. One of the expert Magento developers in Sydney has shared the reasons to use Magento 2 now. 

Magento 2 is an open-source and a full-fledged eCommerce platform for small to medium and large-scale businesses. It is a feature-packed platform that offers unmatched flexibility and ease of use to the customers. Even managing the content, layout, and functionalities get simpler with Magento 2 for the developers or business owners. The latest version of the platform is also responsive and SEO-friendly that makes the online stores built with it stay on top of the SERPs. It also has an interactive and clutter-free design with an easy-to-understand menu, and an improved UI for easier and faster product creation, improved data viewing and filtering, easy page finding, and simpler admin navigation. Apart from these, Magento 2 also comes with a split database structure. You can find three separate databases to manage product data, orders, and checkout. With the latest version of the platform, you can also remove unwanted bugs and glitches to ensure a flawless and high-performing store. 

Overall, it can be said that Magento 2 is much more feature-rich, advanced, faster, simpler, and easy to work with when it comes to eCommerce stores. One of the experienced Magento developers in Sydney has discussed the reasons to migrate or switch to Magento 2 now. 


So, let’s get to know the reasons below. 


Improved performance parameters:

This new version of Magento reduces the server load and increases user interaction to a great extent. The page loading time is also reduced thereby making the store run much faster. With this, the rate of shopping cart abandonment also decreases a lot. More specifically, the key parameters that have made Magento 2 better than the previous versions are: - 

Ajax Cart: - Using JavaScript, the Ajax cart can easily add multiple items to the cart without even reloading the whole page. This reduces the load on the hardware and generates a much more responsive shopping experience for online buyers. 

PHP7: - Magento 2 is also built on PHP language just like the previous version. But this new version is optimised for PHP7 that offers superior loading speed and enhanced performance than the previous version of the platform. 

Cache: - This new version uses HTTP accelerator and Varnish cache that can cache requests easily. Because of this reason, multiple admin users can work on editing the e-store’s products and other information without facing any data conflicts. 


A streamlined checkout process: 

To every shopper, the checkout process of an online store is always a big concern. Lengthy and complicated checkout processes often results in abandonment of shopping carts, loss of customers, and decreased sales, and ultimately a huge loss. Customers prefer to shop from stores that offer a short and simple checkout process with multiple products in the cart and with multiple payment options. This is what Magento 2 offers. 

While the previous version of the platform had a 6-step checkout system, this new version offers just a 2-step checkout process. This 2-step process ensures to improve customer experience. It allows guest check-in and guest checkout as well. Overall, the features of this new version lower the friction and increase the conversion rate of the business. 


Better indexing & toolkit:

Magento 2 ensures improved indexing that boosts the query speed performance. Apart from this, it transforms the merchant data by generating index tables and then updating it regularly. 

This new version also comes with an improved toolkit, which offers: - 

  • An efficient back-end operation
  • Optimised web pages to ensure fast delivery
  • Better servicer response time for every website activity
  • Improved database flexibility that can handle peak loads
  • Store performance widgets for creating test scripts and easy management of the eCommerce store


Other than these 3 major reasons, Magento 2 is much more compatible as compared to the previous version. Integrating data, web and cloud services, and third-party tools have also become simpler with Magento 2 now. It offers high compatibility with the newest PHP frameworks as well like Zend, etc. It works well with major databases like oracle, Hadoop, and MySQL too. Moreover, it comes with an in-built jQuery library, which again makes online store development much effortless.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is one of the most experienced Magento developers of Sydney associated with a reputed eCommerce development company, PHPProgrammers. The author has expertise in Magento and has written this article to ensure every Magento store migrates to the new version to enjoy the amazing features of it with increased sales, and more loyal customers.