3 Key Memory Techniques

The study of Mnemonics is a way for you to learn techniques to enhance your memory of information that could be hard to remember. Some of the earliest things that we learn as children are based on Mnemonics. For instance, the song we were taught to learn the ABC’s is a way to help us learn and therefore remember the alphabet. We will discuss 3 key memory techniques and how you can build a better memory to help you retain information throughout your college studies.

Mnemonic Memory Techniques

Mnemonic memory techniques are designed to make difficult information easy to remember. There are so many ways that memories are triggered, a song, a smell, even a particular color can trigger memories. These memories are easy to remember because there are other stimuli working in the memory, rather than just the facts. For instance, you may not remember the exact date that you last smelled your grandmother’s cooking, but you can certainly remember where you were, how it smelled, tasted and what type of a mood you were in.

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Grouping or Association

Today, there are many things that we have to remember that may not have as many stimuli floating around. Passwords to ATM accounts, emails, computers, garage door openers, security alarms, the list can go on forever. Instead of just mindlessly trying to memorize these numbers, try grouping them or associating them with other things that may make it easier for you to recall. This type of memorization is a Mnemonic memory technique.

3 Key Memory Techniques

There are three main ways to use mnemonics: Imagination, Association and Location. These are the fundamental principles needed to properly execute mnemonics and build a better memory.

Imagination is when you create something in your head. It doesn’t have to be true, but it does have to work to trigger a memory.

Association is the process of linking different things together in your mind so that you can remember them. For instance, if Gary is wearing a green shirt, an easy way to remember Gary’s name is ‘g’ for green, ‘g’ for Gary.

The third main method of practicing mnemonics is through location placement in your brain. An example of this could be the way your thoughts are already stored into the vaults of your brain. Your college memories are associated with the campus of the school you attended and that is where you memories of all of the people you knew from there get stored. While your high school memories may be associated with a different place, like the cool halls of your high school building and all of the people you associated with get stored there, too.

Memory Powerhouse

Using these memory techniques can help you develop your mind into a memory powerhouse while you’re in college. You’ll feel on top of your game and ready for anything once you get a handle on these techniques. These 3 key memory techniques will work wonders. Try them today and see how they work!

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