When Matt West launched ​We Are What We Do: Consistent Action. Purposeful Progress​ in 2019 Matt West grappled with the issue of why most people fail to discover purposeful habits. When Matt West was struggling with his own habits, he was 35 years old at the time, struggling, but the pain changed him forever. ​Matt West​ then took purposeful action and through consistency, hard work and purposeful progress, lead to Matt West purposeful habits. Since that day, Matt West has successfully hosted a podcast , written books and invested in start-up companies. Matt ’s commitment to making an impact in the world began with changing himself first. At an early age Matt West started his journey on the path of self-improvement and his efforts. Matt West obtained two masters degrees in psychology, and the amazing part was that Matt West accomplished this before the age of 24.

The cornerstone of his success, Matt West says, lies with three of the biggest secrets revealed by his mentor shared with him. Since then, Matt West has been on a mission to help people make more money, build muscle, have more peace, love, and joy in there life and business relationships.
How does Matt West do it? Matt West shares his secrets

Secret 1: Learn it.

Matt West has a strong desire to continuously learn and research topics on how things work and how he can apply it to his own life and really get the actual, tangible results he is seeking. Then, if it works, Matt devises a way for it to work for other people around him. Matt West believes that if he can get them to do it, then he can continuously empower them in their life and increase their performance, enhance productivity and give them a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Matt West strongly believes that once he knows that it’s effective, then he makes it his mission to empower as many people as he possibly can.

Secret 2: Live it.

Matt West applies the strategies that he researches to his own life and really lives what he shares with others. One of the reasons why this is important to him is because it resonates far more deeply with the lives that he impacts. Matt West is living proof of what is possible and he wants to share his journey with others to allow them to know what possible in their lives.

Secret 3: Lead it.

Matt West strongly believes that sharing his message and providing value to the world is very important. At times it may be easy to focus on what type of message should be sent out to the world. However, Matt West focus is on sharing his message so that he can empower people to receive the results that they desire and fulfill the dreams of whom they want to become.

Author's Bio: 

Matt West is an author, podcast host, and angel investor.