Tea is associated with staying awake and boosting the productivity. Tea is a stimulant, which contains Caffeine in it. Caffeine is a drug that can deprive an individual from sleep. People have used tealeaves as an herbal remedy for centuries. Tea has major benefits and caffeine free sleep tea can help you fall asleep and cure your insomnia as well. Sleep teas are mostly made from Chamomile. It is a powerful herb that induces sleep, reduces anxiety and cures many other medical conditions. Other supplements such as Valerian root and Lavender are included in the sleep tea to promote sleep. Alternatively known as anxiety tea, the sleep tea reduces stress levels in your system. The soothing effect and tendency to act as a powerful sedative, makes it the ideal option to consume before bedtime.

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If you are a victim of anxiety or insomnia, you should consider having a cup of sleep tea daily. The 3 major benefits of Sleep tea are following

Improves the Overall Sleep
Sleep tea is the best drink to combat against all sorts of sleep disorders. Chamomile is the most significant ingredient present in sleep teas. This wonder herb has been used most frequently since ancient times. People used to yield major benefits out of it. Chamomile is effective for halting nightmares and curing insomnia. The research has proven Chamomile as mild sleep agent. Unlike the regular tea that has caffeine, sleep tea has no adverse side effects. The caffeine present in the regular tea can keep you awake for 6 hours before it vanishes from your system. Sleep tea is completely opposite of this. A cup of sleep tea at night can help you sleep peacefully. Sleep is a vital process for all human beings and animals alike. During sleep, the hormones and chemicals in the body start working actively. Brain develops new cells to store the memories of the entire day. In addition to this, your bodies will heal and re-energize during sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping, a soothingly warm cup of sleep tea is the solution. The human body requires an average of 8-9 hours of proper sleep to continue functioning properly. Sleeping during night is even more important than the daytime nap. Some sleep teas contain lavender that is proved to affect sleep duration positively. Insomnia can result in few hours of potential sleep. This, along with depression during night, can be a dire problem for anyone. Sleep tea reduces that depression and promotes more hours of peaceful sleep.

Reduces Anxiety
Sleep teas have soothing effects on the brain. This enables the brain to release stress-relieving hormones more easily. Therfore, these teas are known as anxiety tea as well due to the calming properties. The daily routine of an average adult is filled with severe stress and anxiety these days, which affects the productivity. Depression and anxiety can cause a person to become prone to different kind of medical conditions as well.
Chamomile and California poppy, present in the sleep teas, are ingredients that promote relaxation. These herbs are safe and free from any effects that can potentially harm your body unlike other medications. The medications for treating depression can be expensive and sure to have other side effects such as inflammation and impotency. This is why sleep tea is an affordable, safe and natural remedy for getting rid of anxiety.

Good for Health
Sleep tea is not only beneficial for getting a good night sleep; it also keeps your body healthy by curing several conditions. The rich aroma of the tea will automatically reduce your anxiety. The sleep tea can boost your immune system as well. The Chamomile herb has excellent potential of providing protection against common cold and sore throats. Chamomile helps in restoring the digestive system by reducing nausea, digestive pain and gassiness.
The sleep tea will benefit your skin and scalp. You will experience a healthy glow on your face after a month's use of sleep tea. Moreover, it also helps reduce the muscle pain and cramps.

Sleep is an important blessing for everyone. People who suffer from lack of sleep should try sleep tea, so that they can experience the luxury of a sound sleep.

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