We've all probably had skiing buddies or friends who have sustained some type of injury on the slopes either while skiing or riding snowboards. While it's all an incredibly fantastic way to have fun, sometimes it comes with a hefty price. If you want to make sure that you stay safe and injury free you need to remain up to date on the latest sporting techniques, practice common sense and always have your wits about you. So today we're bringing you three great snow sport lessons for skiing or snowboarding.

There was a time, which lasted for awhile, when safety gear wasn't our top concern. You have the traditionalists and the devil-may-care attitudes that just didn't permit anything resembling a helmet. However those days actually are a thing of the past, primarily because we've learned the tough way.

Furthermore, makers of safety gear are taking every advantage of this and designing some really trendy looking headgear and helmets. You can probably make a fashion statement if you really wanted. But seriously, a certified and correctly fitting helmet can keep you alive or put off an incredibly solemn injury of the sort that can mess up your life. Stay away from letting yourself believe that familiarity of the sport will allow you to sidestep the use of a helmet. Bindings, are a critical safety mechanism that should not be overlooked. Have them checked by a pro. You must take into consideration your weight, skill level and height. Bindings are extremely important during a fall, they hsould release properly. Through out the season your bindings should be inspected, adjusted and cleaned at regular intervals.

Take some refreshers courses on controlling your turns effectively. You should try breaking th wedge habit during turns. Once you've learned this skill you will experience better control. Stopping the wedge may require using only one leg for a while. You simply shift your balance to one side. Now slightly tip the ski and foot of the other person. You will have better control when you've learned this.

Skiing and snowboarding are incredibly fun sports as any skier or rider can tell you. You can foster a lifelong passion by always learning and practicing safety precautions..

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