Visualize yourself speaking to a class or even an auditorium full of classmates and professors knowing that everyone understands you, remembers your messages and recognizes that you are a confident speaker. Wouldn't it be great to know that you can present in front of any sized audience and that you will always come across confident?
Several situations in college require students to speak up in front of classmates and professors. These include research reports, in-class presentations, group projects, assemblies, extracurricular activities, and even fundraisers requiring door-to-door solicitations. While some college goers appear to take to “be naturals” while others tend to be fearful. Learning public speaking is a panicky adventure, but it’s one of the most vital skills to hone. Whether you want to be Brand Manager, a businessman, an engineer or a scientist, public speaking will help you to reach your success and potential to people.

Apart from just being able to amaze others, there are many underappreciated reasons college students need to work on public speaking skills. Here are a few reasons:

1.Expertise in public speaking will advance communication skills:

Public speaking includes verbal as well as non-verbal communication, both of which are vital in getting your message across effectively. Students with good public speaking skills stand out in a group, earn better grades or even get better job opportunities. Some job positions are more communication driven than others. Every college student will face a time when he/she will need to put his/her ideas into words to make their point, take a stand, or get a job. And when that time comes, it’s best to be ready and feel comfortable with who and how you are as a speaker, so you can communicate what you need to say as efficiently as possible.

2.Public speaking can be a great self-esteem booster:

By learning how to effectively speak in public, you will be able to increase your own self-confidence as an individual. By speaking in public frequently, you will enable yourself to master this difficult skill.  In doing so, you will be less inclined to stagger over your words and will build confidence. You will raise your hand up more positively in class, speak up if you have something to say, and participate in a healthy debate when required.

3.Public Speaking will be helpful in being an inspiring leader:

Even if you do not hold an official leadership position or let’s say want to be a class
representative, effective public speaking skill can help you become a considerate leader. One’s capacity to lead is closely intertwined with one’s capacity to connect with and persuade one’s audience. Equipping yourself with this life skill to speak confidently will not only help you in college, but also empower you in any career situation going forward.

Not only will public speaking experience give you confidence in your academics, but you can also feel super confident in your actual communication quotient. Interviewers, internships, scholarship applications, or volunteer roles are always on the lookout for someone who can speak well and do it with confidence.
Whether you’re presenting an idea or appearing for an interview, one of the most nervous parts of the experience is being the prime focus. Because public speaking and an interview setting can often be so comparable, becoming a self-confident speaker will only augment your comfort while being in the limelight in other settings. If you as a student are used to delivering speeches and presentations to hundreds or thousands of people, you’re going to be in the spotlight for some serious one-on-one or two-on-one interview opportunities.
Career benefits of Public Speaking:
1.Better job opportunities
2.Career advancement
3.Stand out at the workplace
4.Become a leader
5.Better social connections
6.Boost confidence
One of the most exciting things about creating a reputation as an engaging speaker is the door that can be opened. Being in front of a crowd makes you recognizable and amicable, which works wonders in a world that’s based on making contacts and creating rapport. If you establish yourself as an adept communicator, others may identify that and will want to create relationships with you in the personal, academic or employment space. The very act of holding your audience’s attention with your speech is one that helps you build a credible reputation and can showcase your character. Public speaking can just be the start of something that will help you in your journey to becoming the best you.
Candidates with solid public speaking skills are in demand for many professions that involve the ability to speak to a group of clients. Dynamic and well-prepared speakers are highly appreciated by employers and tend to earn leadership roles and key client contact roles. 
Public speaking is one of the most powerful ways to share your thoughts. With right public speaking skills, you can impact the world around you. If you as a young leader see something that needs to transform, use your speaking skills to change it!
Every speaking occasion you come across is a time to spread your impact for the greater good. When you are good at it and practice regularly, you will see enormous benefits of public speaking.

Being an outstanding public speaker is vital for your academics, career, social life, personal growth, and for making a mark for yourself in the world.

Each time you speak, you get better with it. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and get your voice heard.

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