The brain is an amazing organ and needs to be kept active and enriched in order to function at its optimum level, there are many simple yet effectiveways in which we can enhance the brains ability and keep it functioning to the best of its ability.

Sleep and rest are vital to the working of the brain, while the brain needs stimulus it also needs rest. At least 6 hours of restful sleep per night is recommended, so taking the trouble to ensure you get enough rest is a good habit not only for the brain, but also for the whole of the body.

Giving the brain a work out with puzzles, logic games, and math puzzles, crosswords, writing and reading all help with keeping the brain in good shape. Keeping the brain active and agile helps with memory and concentration and providing the brain with problems to solve and challenges to concentrate on will all assist the brain in forming strong associations and puzzle solving abilities.

Keeping thoughts organized helps with recall and learning ability, it takes practice to organize your life in order to give the brain the best chance of retaining and organizing information, when studying keep the area free from distractions, vary the input, perhaps assign a specific area for different modules of learning, that way the brain is able to associate the learning experience with the area, making it easier for the brain to organize the information, which in turn will make it easier for the brain to retrieve the information, the process we often refer to as memory.

Studies have shown that the brain uses association in order to retain and process information and these associations are what the brain uses when trying to recall the memory, which has been stored within the brain.

The simple saying work, rest and play is an ideal way of remembering what the brain needs in order to function at its optimum level, of course the correct diet and exercise also play a very important role in the health of the brain and the whole body, so ensuring the correct diet coupled with regular physical and well as mental exercise is vital for the whole of the body and mind.

By working on the 3 habits which improve memory, learning, recall, not only will brain function be improved, but stress levels can also drop.

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