Whether you are on the market for a new heat pump because your gyeser is out of order or because you require an upgrade, you desire to make sure you contain the most excellent brand with all of the pinnacle features. There are a lot of options on the marketplace for homeowners in India or heat pump suppliers, and your choices can be irresistible. Here are three features you don’t want to underrate in your heat pump buying process.

● Two-Speed Compressor
A one-speed compressor pushes as hard as it can at any given point. There is only one option to operate your heat pump. However, a two-speed compressor gives you more options. It allows you to save energy when it only needs to be on low and minimizes the wear of your heat pump. Think of this as an option for increased flexibility and long-term care.

● Scroll Compressor
Many heat pump water haeter models come with piston compressors, but a scroll compressor does a more precise heating or cooling job. This makes your system more energy efficient. Not only that, but these models are typically quieter and have a longer service life than piston compressors. This way, you can use your heat pump longer and have less disruption in your day-to-day life.

● Desuperheater
Consider a desuperheater if you fancy investing in a higher-end heat pump that will assist you to save money in the long run. A desuperheater lowers steam temperature from a geothermal heat pump and uses it to heat the water in your home. In this way, your heat pump also becomes your air source heat pump water heater India. This reduces the costs of heating water to shower or wash your hands. It also reduces wasted energy that you would otherwise lose. Sun Stellar heat pump water heaters are best in their league.

Using renewable power heat sources from the ambient air heat pump water heaters can provide hot water round the clock and all through the year in an energy efficient and affordable way for all applications where water is heated. Sun Stellar heat pump water heaters can produce 3-4 kW of heat for every 1kW consumed. Eco Friendly Heat Pump Water heaters are one of the most efficient ways to heat water all year round. A highly efficient system is environmentally friendly, providing heat even in cold outdoor temperatures.

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Heat Pump water heater System is fast replacing the equipment like electric Geysers etc. This equipment has a COP of Less than 1, while Heat Pump requires 30 to 40% Energy for Hot water Generation. Heat Pumps have COP of more than 5, which means Heat Pumps are 5 times more efficient than other equipment. Sun Stellar Heat Pump Water Heaters are the right solution for Domestic hot water applications.