Horses have long been admired for their compassionate free spirit, being honored as a connection to the power and strength in oneself. One gaze into their eyes and we not only feel their wisdom, we see sometimes for the first time, our own Soul looking back at us. What we see may bring us joy and equally it can bring us face to face with our own darkness. Either way, the horses hold powerful keys to long-held wisdom of the enduring human spirit and the comfort of knowing who we are.
Humans are a natural predator to the horse and as such we have to learn to navigate our emotions, energy and physical actions in such a manner that the horse can feel safe in our presence. The horse challenges us to become emotionally congruent and authentic so that together we can build a trust based partnership.
Once deeply respected as collaborators in the human existence, they were entrenched in mythological stories as spiritual teachers, the horses are now being honored once again as healers, teachers and guides to us in this life.

They have worked alongside of us on farms, carried our ancestor’s across deserts to new villages and fought nobly in battles alongside of us as trusted steeds. Honored for their endurance, strength, courage and compassion, the horse embodies true acceptance of ones light & dark.
these 3 Life Empowering lessons that horses gives us to help unlock and re-ignite our passion, love, and intuition; assisting us to authentically embrace our dreams and to remember our own power.

The first of these empowering lessons is the Guidance of the Heart. Horses are gifted sentient beings who are not only emotionally in-tune they are intuitively guided. The horse can feel your energy and inner-emotions before you have physically connected with them. Guided daily by the small shifts in energy of the Earth and nature they teach us to listen to the whispers of our heart and to the signs around us.

When we start living through other people’s ideas we create a tension within ourselves that can grow into disease, depression, anger and confusion.

The horse asks us to explore the question, "Am I living in alignment with my hearts calling?"

The second empowering lesson is emotional awareness. When we try to hide under masks, veils or fake smiles and hardened exteriors, the horses can see right through those to our true being; our heart and soul. They teach us stay in alignment our inner and outer worlds, giving us back our personal power through authenticity.

Here the horse asks us to explore, "Are my inner & outer worlds congruent? Do I authentically express my inner emotions?"

The third empowering lesson of the horse is that of your body and being grounded in who we are. When we work with horses we go out into nature, facing the weather, touching the Earth and becoming connected to the stillness within.

Asking that we explore the question of, "Am I providing nourishing experiences that renew my body and energy? Am I listening to my body's requests?

Many times we live each day and forget to connect with our body or ask and check in with its needs. We may become so disconnected in fact that we are no longer familiar with what our body enjoys doing and how to nurture it.

The horses sensitive nature and supportive demeanor opens you to your true Self. They are here to teach us and can guide all of us to find new ways to live courageously following our hearts desire.

In our day to day lives the horses ask us to explore the question of, "Am I living courageously & authentically in the present moment following my heart with the highest good of myself and my community in mind?"

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Jessica Baker is a Mentor of Empowerment & a Catalyst for Transformation. She works with spirit-led women and men who are ready for a change, get out of emotional overwhelm, release old wounds & reconnect with their own inner-guidance, empowering them to take heart-guided action to fulfill their dreams. Jessica provides online coaching programs & workshops, retreats, and healing experiences with horses.
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