If the word off-page SEO comes in your mind then I can guarantee that the words like a guest post, directory submission, forum posting, and blog commenting will also come to your mind. As you know Google updates their algorithm almost every day. So, a question you may ask that does all the methods still work?

The answer is yes but you will not get that many benefits which you used to get back in the days. Some link building techniques will help you to diversify your links which are shows to Google that you are getting signals from all the possible places and it is a good sign to get rank.

Let me explain these techniques in more details:
Guest posts:

Guest posts are a very good way to acquire backlinks. So, how to do it? First of all, you have to find out quality blogs or websites that are accepting guest posts. You can take the help of google to find quality blogs. Here are the simple steps to do that.

Step 1: Visit dropmylink.com and select the category “Guest Posts”, in the second box call “Footprint” you will get so many options to select for finding the blogs.
Now, in the search box write your desired niche which is relevant to your website niche then click on the search button. Now you will see tons of websites that accept guest posts.

Now it’s time to read the guest posting guideline and send a proposal that you are very interested to write for them. Here you will get some of the examples of pitch template for guest posting.

If the website or blog owner sends you positive feedback, then you can start writing for him.

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is a way to submit your website under a specific category. Directory submission not only helps you to get rank faster but also it helps you to bring from targeted customers from the directory site. Though all the directory websites do not provide the same value for your site. Low-quality sites can be harmful instead of benefits.

Try to submit your website only those sites which have good traffic with no spammy activities. To get spam-free directory sites you can take the help of Moz. According to Moz, only those websites are good which has spam scores lower than 30%. If you find a site in which spams score more than 30% assume it as bad quality sites to acquire backlink.

Broken Link:

Broken link building is one of a great way to achieve backlinks. These are the simple steps to build broken links:
1. Find a broken link to a website that is similar to your niche.
2. Write a similar content of the dead link.
3. Pitch to the site owner about the broken link and ask him to add your resource link to eliminate the broken link because broken links are harmful to the sites.
You can take the help of the “Check My Links” Google Chrome extension to find the broken links on a page.

In conclusion, these are very simple tricks to acquire quality links in 2020. I will suggest to earn the links, not buying them. Because Google’s bot is smarter than you think, if you buy links to manipulate Google’s ranking, today or tomorrow Google will catch you and you will get a penalty for this shady works.

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Ibrahim is a passionate blogger of SEO, Web Hosting and Digital Marketing. He loves to write SEO articles and Informative articles of tech.