Hair transplant surgery is changing lives and helping people to look prettier again. All of those people who are suffering from baldness can now reverse their hair by this process. It is the best solution for a man to look more attractive and youthful appearance. A lot of people lose their confidence because of excessive hair loss.  To maintain healthy circulation the grafts are placed about one-eighth of an inch apart. Your hair transplant doctor will obviously take care of removing and placement of grafts. It can ensure that transplanted hair will grow in a natural direction and this will not cause any side effects. This process consists of different procedures which are discussed below.

Expansion of Tissue

The most popular technique that is used in this treatment is called tissue expansion. This process is done by the plastic surgeons. It is commonly used in reconstructive surgery to repair injuries with significant skin loss. The application of this process in hair transplant surgery has taken a dramatic result in a short amount of time.    

In this process, a device which is looked like a balloon, called tissue expander is inserted to the scalp that lies next to the bald area. This device is bloated with salt water over a period of time. It can cause the skin to expand helps to grow new skin cells.  

When the skin below the hair has stretched enough after two months of operation, another procedure comes into place to bring the expanded skin to cover the adjacent bald area. For more enquiry, you have to consult with a well-known Hair transplant doctor who can give you more valuable advice in this case.

Reduction of Scalp

This technique is known as advanced flap surgery because in this case hair-bearing scalp are pulled forward to fill the bald area. The scalp reduction process is used for covering the bald area at the back and the top of the head. It is not useful for covering the frontal hairline. After injecting a local anaesthetic in your scalp, a segment of your bald scalp is removed. If you need a large amount of coverage then doctors usually remove a part of scalp in an inverted Y-shape.         

The skin which is surrounded by the cut of area is pulled and loosened so that the part of the hair- bearing scalp can come together and closed with stitches.

Flap Surgery

This surgical process has performed for more than 20 years. It is successful in quickly covering large areas of baldness and it varies from patient to patient. The size of the flap and its placement depends on the patient’s need. One flap is useful for more than 350 punch grafts.

A part of bald scalp is cut out in this technique and a flap of skin is added to the surface while still attached to the one end. Now the hair-bearing scalp is placed into the new position.

In the recent age, most of the doctors have made significant advantages by using the above techniques. Before applying any process you have to talk with your doctor who can give you the advice as per your need. Know More :

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