Are you acclimating to a sub-par iPhone performance?

Has restarting your hampered smartphone become a ritual?

More importantly, have you accepted its substandard performance as  another drudgery of your life? Then you’re not the only less fortunate one around!

There’s nothing worse than a bad iPhone battery performance as it totally shuts out the device and makes it nothing more than a play-toy! However, there are certain signs that an iPhone gives out indicating a battery repair or replacement.

A look at those common signs.

iPhone Shuts Down Itself :

(Even when the battery is only 50% drained!)

The most common sign is when the device shuts down- even when only half of the battery is drained. One can try to re-calibre their device using these tips:

Use the phone till it shuts down and then plug it to a reliable charger. Let it charge till it reaches 100% charge.

Once that is complete, reset by hold pressing the sleep/wake button and the home button, till the Apple logo comes.

If it doesn’t, then it could mean that there is definitely something wrong with the battery and it requires experts offering iPhone battery repair near Geelong to check it out thoroughly!

iPhone Only Functions When Plugged In :

If one finds that their iPhone smartphone only runs when being plugged to a charger point, then it means that it still can power up from the power source. The issue could be due to a faulty battery or even its connector.

However, this is a serious issue and must be checked out ASAP by licensed technicians. If not, then the battery will soon die and disallow the iPhone device to boot up.

iPhone Feels Hot :

(like literally)

On charging, if the device feels hot, it means that the battery inside the device is not internalising the heat and nor it is safeguarding it from other parts of the device. This causes the device to get so hot.

However, other factors also play a role- like a hot temperature! If one takes selfies at a beach on a hot summer, then it could also make the device hot-mainly due to overuse!

One Can Try Out This Experiment:

Go to the settings app and select the battery option on the left side of the menu. One will find a couple of timers- Standby and Usage! Keep track of the numbers.

Next step is pressing the home button and keep it on standby mode for 10-mins without fidgeting with it too much!

After 10-mins restart the device and re-check the Standby and Usage times.

Now, if the Usage time has increased by 1-2 times and the Standby time has jumped by 10-mins, then it may not be a battery issue, rather something else.

Still, it would serve well to have a reliable expert offering phone repairs in Ballarat to check it out!  

Ending Lines:

In the end, like most consumables, iPhone batteries also get old and require repairs/replacements. Hopefully, an insight into those common symptoms will make one more informed about the matter and ensure the best repair/replacement is provided to their iPhone device.

So, without wasting time, contact a trustworthy phone repair shop and set up an appointment!

Author's Bio: 

The author has heaps of field experience in offering quality phone repairs in Ballarat. With that, the author also likes to write and educates the readers on how to get the best iPhone battery repair near Geelong.