You work hard to keep your lawn looking green, lush and vibrant. As hard as you work, occasionally you still find yourself face to face with dandelions that won’t die, or grubs that just won’t go away. You’ve tried everything to get rid of them. Nothing seems to work.

It’s frustrating when you put your time and effort into maintaining your lawn, and still find yourself up against weeds, insects, and lawn disease. There is hope. Here are 3 of the most common lawn problems – weeds, diseases and insects – and a few ways to fix them.

Weeds Are One of the Most Common Lawn Problem

Some weeds may look pretty, but they can be devastating to your lawn. Most weeds grow and spread rapidly, sucking the nutrients out of the soil and strangling the roots.

Blowing the white fluff off the dandelion stem is fun to do. You might not want to do this in your backyard, though. You are helping the dandelion spread its seeds. Dandelions are a common weed. They tend to grow rapidly and spread quickly across your lawn. The best way to get rid of dandelions is to dig up each plant. Make sure you get the complete root system, or the plant will grow back.

Clovers are not always lucky. The white clover is another common weed. Clovers are usually found in nutrient rich soil. The plant spreads with runners that can quickly cover and smother your lawn. To get rid of white clover, lift the plant out of the soil with a rake and then mow as usual.

When you were a child did you hold a buttercup under your chin to see the yellow color? The buttercup, also known as the creeping buttercup, is another common weed. It’s often found in damp soil. Buttercups in your yard can indicate you may have some areas that have a drainage issue. The best way to get rid of buttercups, like dandelions, is to dig them out making sure you get the whole root system. Also, look at ways you can increase the drainage in the area the buttercups were in.

Diseases are Another Cause of Common Lawn Problems

Lawn diseases not only make your lawn brown and spotty, if not treated, they can also kill your grass. There are several common diseases that can affect your lawn.

Fairy rings may sound like an ornament out of a fantasy book but it’s a common lawn disease. Fairy Rings are caused by several different types of fungi. Generally, mushrooms are found in and around the rings. The name “Fairy rings” comes from an old folktale where it was believed that mushrooms appeared where fairies danced the night before.

Fairy Rings are dark green bands of grass that develop into circles or semi-circles. The dark green is caused by fungi releasing nutrients, especially nitrogen into the soil. These circles can range from approximately 4 inches in diameter, up to thirty feet wide.

Treatment of antifungals may work to eradicate the disease. Prevention is the best way to protect your lawn from fairy rings.

Another common lawn disease is grease spots, also known as Plythium Blight. Grease spots are when the leaf blades of grass blacken, and turn a reddish-brown color. The blades then lie flat, stick together, and appear to look greasy. This can be caused by low spots in your lawn that hold water, or moisture. Grease spots can be prevented by improving the drainage in your lawn.

Grubs, One of the Most Common Insect Problems for Lawns

Brown spots in your lawn can be an indicator of many problems, including insect infestation. Grubs, the larvae of several different types of beetles, are one of the most common pests that can do damage to your lawn. The larvae feed on the roots of the grass causing it to wilt, turn brown, and die off.

If your lawn has a heavy infestation of grubs you may also have problems with small animals, such as raccoons digging up your lawn looking for the grubs to eat. To determine if you have a grub infestation, dig around the roots of the grass. You will be able to see them. For a serious infestation, you will need to apply an insecticide. When applying insecticides use care, or hire a lawn care professional to test for and take care of any insect problem you may have.

Prevention is the Best Remedy for Common Lawn Problems

To have a gorgeous lawn you need to know the basic techniques of lawn care. This can include such as things how and when to mow, when to add fertilizer, and how much to water your lawn. A professional landscape company, such as Leperv Landscape in San Diego, can assist you with your lawn care needs. They can start by analyzing your lawn for everything from soil quality to nutrient levels. With this information, they can guide you on ways to improve your lawn’s health and appearance. If you don’t have the time or don’t feel confident in your lawn care skills, the trained employees at a landscape company can take care of all your lawn care needs. They can help you create a lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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