When it comes to cleaning your carpets yourself, there are times when you have a close look at it, and you find snags in them from furniture dragging, scratches from pet nails, sharp-edged toys of your kids, etc. You can also witness thinning or probably holes in them coming when there is something that creates a constant pressure on it. Such problems don't mean that you would have to replace your carpet all over again as it is an investment that you have made and there is no need to replace it so soon and spend money all over again.

Ask any professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne, and they would agree to the fact that minor problems in the carpet can always be treated with a few hacks that can be performed easily which would prevent such issues to crop up in the days to come. Here are a few issues that are commonly faced and along with it are the solutions for it.

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Problem 1 - Thinning of the Carpet in No Time

Some agree that constant foot traffic on the carpet leads to thinning but when you have purchased a good quality carpet, why would that lead to thinning with foot traffic and that too within a few days of installation? The reason behind such a problem is the underlay of the carpet. Some carpets have foam under them while others have rubber. There are times when people get duped with plastic underlay that is known to give way when there is pressure applied to the carpet from above. Therefore, whenever you go out purchase a carpet the next time, look out for the underlay and its quality. Choose the right thickness, and then you wouldn't witness thinning.

Problem 2 - Reduced Thickness of the Top Layer

This is something prevalent in areas such as the staircases, close to the room doors, or probably the entry and exit area of the house. Since these are the areas that are regularly trampled upon, it is something that is likely to witness issues no matter how good the underlay is. The fibres of the carpet start to disintegrate, and that leads to problems especially when the other areas are perfectly fine. Therefore, whenever you go out to purchase a carpet, convey the area that it would be installed. Accordingly, you would be shown carpets that can handle problem areas well and not disintegrate.

Problem 3 - Holes With Heavy Furniture

You cannot do away with that antique furniture that adorns your room not can you stay away from not covering your floors with carpet. While that is the case, people often complain of witnessing holes on the carpets especially when there is heavy furniture kept on them and when moved there are holes that stay behind. To help you take care of such problems, avoid dragging the furniture no matter where you move them. Lift them well and move it to its designated place. Another thing that can be done is using furniture cups and cushions underneath the legs that keep things protected. This is also known to make it easy for you to clean them.

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The author has had association with professional carpet cleaner in Melbourne and writes this article to help people know about how to handle common carpet problems with ease.