A number of entrepreneurs fail to realize that the manner in which their employees answer phone calls tends to deter potential customers. Surveys have proven that over 70 percent of clients admit that they have sought a different service provider or business upon having a poor interaction on-call. This is the main motive that makes it crucial for you to work on the way your staff responds to callers. It is the best way to ensure you maintain customer satisfaction and grow your business.

Read on to gain a better understanding of some of the major call answering blunders you must avoid so that you can enjoy maximum customer retention. This article also sheds light on some of the reasons why most businesses engage reputed answering service companies to handle their call volumes.

1.What Constitutes An Unsavory Phone Interaction
This could be everything from placing the person on hold for an extensive period to mistakenly connecting them to the wrong individual or department. This will point toward a general absence of professionalism, which tends to deter individuals who could be your prospective clients. Therefore it is imperative that you recognize that errors in phone answering are causing a substantial negative impact on your enterprise.

2.Complicating The Process Of A Human Interaction
Running a large and complex business with several departments means that customers calling in have to navigate through intricate IVR commands before speaking to an agent. While most individuals would like to converse with a helpful human voice from the start of the call; this is not always an option when organizations tend to use an Interactive Voice Response. People who are calling in for information or even clients desirous of registering a complaint turn into disgruntled callers when interacting with unhelpful automated answering services.

An easy solution would be to provide your potential clients with a simple way to hear a human voice instead of an off-putting Interactive Voice Response. Live answering services ensure all your phone calls are answered by a skilled and helpful representative. Prompt phone answering is the cherry on the cake that resolves complaints swiftly and without much ado.

3.Failing To Request Caller Feedback
Studies have revealed that the number one grievance callers share is that the company did not request client feedback. The key offering an improved call experience for customers is gaining a better understanding of what clients want when they are making a call to your concern. The easiest route to source this information is by asking for their opinion.

You may choose to ask a swift query along the lines of – “Would you say you are satisfied with our phone answering system?” Alternately, you can also request that the callers take a quick survey so that you can improve your service.

Why You Must Rely On a Phone Answering Service

Entrepreneurs place their faith in answering service companies because they offer them the following advantages-

  • Making and booking appointments based on your current schedule and working hours.
  • Crisis or emergency dispatch (This is especially useful to doctor offices, hospice, hospitals, etc)
  • An efficient and optimized means for lead production
  • Critical peak-hour answering services
  • The benefit of voicemail-aided answering
  • Bilingual agents who have a proficiency in both English as well as Spanish
  • Around the clock service that is accessible no matter the time of day

Should you aspire to power your company with the assistance of such services, and then, you must find distinguished professionals in the industry who can offer you customizable live call answering services.

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