When it comes to developing your online marketplace, you need to have a sharp and niche business idea about how to build it.

Whether you are going to opt for a SaaS model or build a website from scratch or you are going to ask a third party service provider to build your marketplace. You need to examine the pros and cons of each case.

If you choose a SaaS model, there are companies in the market who provides a customisable online marketplace solution and helps to set up the functional website immediately.

If you go with the option of building your website from scratch, the design will be of your choice.

So, let’s explore various options present in the market.

SaaS, as you already know, doesn’t require any coding knowledge to build a website, it is easily customizable, and the website is quick to set up. Sharetribe is one of the Saas models for online marketplace development.

Sharetribe offers a basic design with standard pricing. The pricing starts at $119 per month. The front end of the site is customizable with the CSS or Javascript code. The backend is not customizable to the user. Even when your website is ready to be scalable, you can shift to a new host provider and also take full control of code.

Payment gateway supported is Stripe and Paypal.

Near me offers an intricate design structure and different layers of software. The pricing is slightly higher compared to Sharetribe, it starts around $500 - $600 billed monthly. The payment gateway supported is PayPal, Balanced, Stripe and more.

The code is not customizable unlike how Sharetribe provides freedom to the users to modify their codes.

RentALLscript is a customisable airbnb clone script. It is customisable to support any kind of marketplace models like rentals, services and products . It is built to support multi-vendor platform or a peer-to-peer platform and can manage unlimited listings. If you want to build a website from scratch and also want to design to your needs, this might be the right choice.

The pricing starts from $899 but it varies to requirements, functionality, and project size and also comes with full source code and tech support.

It offers two versions of Startup and Advanced. Pro version comes with iOS and Android native app.

Final thoughts

If you have little coding knowledge, building your website from scratch sounds like a great option and also if you are thinking of to survive for a long period in the market.

Having no coding knowledge but still want to set up a website providing various functionality, SaaS is the goto model.

Hope this blog provides tidbits of information to build an online marketplace platform.

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