Before you start your first meditating with Stop, Breathe & Think(, the app asks you to describe how you feel, both physically and mentally. It's easy! You should just choose one of the adjectives. And it's already one of the mindfulness practices, that help you to be aware of your emotions.

After that, the app will recommend short, guided meditations or yoga for you, from five-minute “joy” sessions to longer practices to help you to deal with anxiety or to relax, ground and clear your head.

The second app is Insight Timer. It's more than just an app for meditations, It's as a social network for meditators. The world map shows you how many people are meditating at the same time. Also, it allows you to see who is nearby and invite friends to join in with you.

The Insight Timer app offers the most extensive library of guided meditations that ranges from flows for beginners to sessions focused on self-love, better relationships, and conquering addictions.

And the third one is Smiling Mind. It allows an entirely free mindfulness meditation app, developed by an Australian non-profit organization for kids and adults. It was developed by psychologists and educators to help to increase clarity, calm and contentment and reduce stress via mindfulness instruction and encouragement.

It provides meditation exercises geared for children sorted by age groups and for the classroom. It is really cool because meditation for a 10-year-old is not the same as for a 16, 25 or even a 45-year-old.

Meditations for adults sorted by issues like stress, relationships, sleep, and complicated emotions. You can keep track of your progress, set reminders, download sessions to listen offline, and save your favorite meditations to access them easily. After your session, the app asks “how you are feeling now” to help you to track what meditation works out best for you.

So, read on for the detailed analysis of the list of the best meditation apps that can help you make a daily practice of meditation an effortless part of your routine:

Bring balance to your life, manage stress, increase resilience and assists in reducing mental health risks in further life.

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