Ethereum is the second-largest market cap right after Bitcoin. Due to this, several investors are now flocking towards Ethereum. Naturally, this increased the demand for more secure Ethereum wallets. According to experts, cryptocurrency wallets must have

  • User-friendly - It must have an elegant UI
  • Private keys - Wallets where you can control private keys
  • Security & backup - It must have a backup and restore feature
  • Compatibility - It should be compatible with other operating systems
  • If a wallet doesn’t have the aforementioned things, then your coins could be at risk and that’s not good news.

    Following are some wallets that meet the above-stated requirements:

    1) Ledger Nano X

    If you want to buy Ethereum then this wallet is the most modern hardware present right now. It is considered a pioneer in the industry of hardware wallets and supports every single token of the Ethereum chain. You can easily find Ledger Ethereum integration via MyEtherwallet which makes is an easier way of managing your Ethereum coins. And, this is not just limited to ETH, you can store other coins as well.

    In case you did not know, Ledger Nano is the successor of Ledger Nano S. One of the major differences between the two is that Nano has a battery and Bluetooth which increases mobility significantly.

    2) Atomic Wallet

    It is a great solution for Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. With an atomic wallet, you can store, exchange and buy ETH with your bank card. In near future, Ethereum will be available for swapping with Atomic swaps, and it is a fully decentralized way for exchanging cryptos without no interference from intermediaries. This wallet has the ability to support over 300 cryptocurrencies and provide you with an interface for all ERC20 tokens.

    In short, you can insert a contact address and have your very own custom coin. What an atomic wallet does is, encrypts your private keys on your device and provides you with complete access and control over your funds.

    It is a non-custodial wallet for storing Ethereum. In Guarda wallet, you will find an intuitive interface and impeccable security and protection. This wallet can be found both on desktop, mobile and web interface is also available. When you are setting up your wallet, you are the only one who can control the private key. This means that you are in full control of your Ethereum coins and other coins as well. Moreover, with Guarda, you don’t have to disclose your personal information which has now become a De facto standard among all the top wallets.

    Final note

    There are several wallets out there that you can update with the latest Ethereum price in India, but the aforementioned are some of the best that we have. And, we hope that this list of Ethereum wallets will help you in decision making.

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