Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a white smile. However, not everyone appreciates all of the effort that goes into maintaining a white smile. Contrary to belief, everything that we eat has an effect on your teeth color. There are plenty of reasons why people have stains and discolored teeth. A couple of these stains are the result of daily activities such as eating, drinking or breathing. Additional things that can make your teeth become discoloured are coffee, tea, smoking, sugary foods and hereditary. Fortunately, in order to brighten up your smile, there are a few things that can be done by all individuals. The following are a few things you can do to get a brighter smile.

The easiest way to get a whiter smile is to have your smile professionally whitened by your dentist. The dentist has products and treatments that you can only get from him that will really whiten your smile by a few shades. If you don't like the stains and discoloration of your teeth, you can try getting a professional appt to change the effects of the discoloration. For a few people this is a good selection because it doesn't take a long time, it is effective and it lasts a long time.

An effective suggestion is to make sure you maintain great oral hygiene, something lots of people overlook. It is mandatory that you floss after every meal as well as brushing at least twice a day. The reality is that there aren't many people who enjoy flossing.

Things like Waterpiks, luckily, make it a lot easier to remove the gunk from between your teeth and gums. Regular flossing and brushing will help you stop serious problems from developing. Caring for your teeth regularly will make it much easier to solve your problems. Proper oral hygiene will prevent these issues from developing.

Try using the inside of an orangepeel to help naturally whiten your teeth. Most households will have an orange or two in the crisper drawer of their fridge all the time. If not, you can probably find at least one at your local grocery store. The peel can be applied directly to the teeth or you can mash it into a paste or pulp. After you make the paste add some ground bay leaf. Brush the pulp onto your teeth and let it sit for a minute or two. Then you'll want to rinse really well to get the treatment out of your mouth.

Many methods of whitening your teeth are inexpensive and few actually require a medical professional. Yes you could spend the money to have it done professionally but why? Why settle for an unflatteringly discolored smile when there are so many ways you can fix it? Your new bright white smile will eminate you health!

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