There are some basic principles that you want to master if you truly want to have success in network marketing. Here are 3 basic things to master whether you are using predominantly online or offline marketing strategies.
1. Prospecting- This is also referred to as piquing interest. This requires talking to people and it is fundamental to building a network marketing business. Regardless of if you are talking to friends and family, or talking to people for the first time, this is an invaluable skill that can be learned.
Some of the main keys to remember is to listen more than you talk, and show more interest in the other person, i.e. your prospect.
2. List Building- Offline, this usually starts with making a list of your friends and family, and then building a list of names and numbers through referrals.
Online list building requires having a landing page so people can opt in to your list.
I have found offline methods to generate quicker results, but online list building tends to be easier for new people to deal with, because ideally they experience less rejection by only talking to interested prospects.
3. Personal Development- Network Marketing is about growing as a person, and getting out of your comfort zone. This is how you achieve huge success.
This usually consists of a daily routine that includes listening to motivational tapes, reading positive books, and attending business related seminars.
Exercise should also be a part of your daily routine. All of this goes into you developing as a more well- rounded person, and will help you to achieve positive results in every area of your life.
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Jeremiah Carstarphen
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