"Choose your thoughts carefully; they are the builders of your life." ~ Anonymous

How many times have you set out with a fabulous plan for success and within a short period of time found yourself mentally kicked to the curb wondering why? You are not alone. Many people find it tough to achieve success via their own goals. What are the barriers to success?

Lack of Motivation

Motivation means a feeling of enthusiasm or interest that makes you determined to do something. If there isn't any long-lasting, renewable motivation, you are uninspired and you won't get up off the couch. If you want to become a success, it's the wanting in its most passionate form that keeps you working to achieve this success. If you aren't motivated, you won't take the necessary steps. You won't want to.

If lack of motivation is your issue, I want to assure you that it is there inside you, but again, you have to want to go inside and find it. Do that. Dust it off. Give it a good shake and insist it do its mighty work for you.

You Don't Feel Encouraged

It's wonderful to have a cheering section that jumps with joy every time you do something wonderful. I think it is unreasonable to think you should have this. You were born all on your own; you travel through life basically inside yourself, thinking your own thoughts. So if anyone is going to be your cheering section, well, that would be YOU!

I'm not saying you won't have family, friends, employers, teachers, etc. who won't applaud you along the way. And this is wonderful, but it's truly not necessary. You are the only one who knows your full story, and you are the only one who can look in the mirror and offer the encouragement that takes the full story into account. Like-minded people are good to have around. They do spark interest in what you find interesting but bottom line is you are the one to encourage you the best.

You Lack Courage or Confidence

When faced with something new, there isn't one person alive who knows unquestionably how well they can do the new something. What makes the difference though between those who will give it a try and those who immediately work to avoid trying is the virtue of courage. As you grow in courage, you will have more confidence. Do you remember The Little Engine Who Could story? "I think I can" was the key ingredient to that little engine climbing that tall, tall hill.

"I think I can" is the confidence prop that allows someone to jump in there and give it a try. You can avoid this barrier to success simply by using this simple turn of phrase. And then, gather up your fears and do it anyway! You are great at learning new things. It is your attitude that governs everything, so with a confident attitude, you too can Be the Change you want to see in your life.

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Maria has expanded her life purpose to include helping others to live a masterful, successful life led by her own example and accomplishments through the creation of The Change Coaching Institute, a training institute for those wishing to accelerate their growth on The Path, and a training ground for coaches to help her advance this ground breaking work. http://www.changecoachinginstitute.com