The Secret, or The Law of Attraction, isn't "magic." It isn't really even a "thing." The Law of Attraction is simply a way of talking about or describing how things seem to come together, or manifest into form from the world of the un-formed. The Law of Attraction is a law, not a tool; it isn't something that works sometimes, or for some people, and not other times, or for other people. If you don't think the Law of Attraction is working for you, it is almost certainly because the Law has brought you grief, loss, suffering, debt, unhappiness, or some other misfortune instead of something you think would be "better." The Law is "working" perfectly.

As they say, "Ignorance of the Law does not excuse you from the operation of the Law." You might think you can watch negative things on television (news, crime dramas, etc...) and have a positive life; but you can't. You might think you can eat whatever you want, not exercise, and spend your time griping about your life and how you look in the mirror without creating something you don't want; but you can't. The Law of Attraction simply says that, if you have a recipe and ingredients for a chocolate cake, and then you assemble those ingredients and apply energy, or heat, then you'll naturally end up with a chocolate cake - not a cherry pie. In life, we have plans, thoughts, and beliefs; and we have faith and action. Of course, all of this starts with the desire and idea to make a chocolate cake; and knowing the recipe, or having the ingredients on hand, are not always enough. And, sometimes, before we have had a chance to create the cake with our hands, someone might bring us a cake. But it all starts with desire.

If The Secret isn't working for you, consider that you are simply attracting a different level of experience than you want to be -- not that the Law of Attraction doesn't work. When people do that, they get bitter; and then, they attract even worse experiences into their lives and say, "See! I told you the Secret was 'bogus!' Now I'm even more miserable than before!" If you really want to start attracting better things into your life, consider changing one or all of the following three things:

1.) Do whatever you can to spend more of the day thinking "positive" than "negative." This means turning off the news and no longer reading the newspaper, for starters. Also, programming (books, television, etc...) with violence, meanness, fear, or other negativity, literally causes you to be negative and stressed; and the stress response causes premature aging, suppressed immunity, weight gain, and all manner of illness and unhappiness. I have had dreams that took 20-years to come true; be patient and be positive. If it isn't working fast enough, add to the equation by doing more.

2.) Focus your thoughts; and concentrate on what you want -- not what's missing in your life, or what's wrong with the world. If you spend your time thinking about negative things, you'll experience negative things; and, if you spend your time thinking about a bunch of different things, you'll get a bunch of different things -- not necessarily the ONE thing you want. Eliminate negativity and distractions from your life -- leaving more time for you to think positively about what you want.

3.) Do Something Different; anything will do. You can't complain about how your life is not changing when you continue doing and thinking the same things. Carefully and honestly consider changes you need to make in your life -- and then make them. Albert Einstein said that, "Nothing happens until something moves;" I say, "Nothing different happens until someone moves differently."

The Law of Attraction is always on; constantly pulling things together and pulling them apart -- but always pulling, and always according to our thoughts. Change is constant; if you want to participate, simply start thinking about what you want -- and work on being positive. And, just remember, if you can't seem to attract what you want in life:

1.) Turn that frown upside down; and Keep it Positive.

2.) Focus on one thing at a time; concentrate your energies on your desires.

3.) Do something new and different; mix things up and you will have change.

They say, "If you want to know what you've been asking for, just take a look around at what you've got;" to change what you see, change what you're asking for, and change the way you're asking. Then, do something new!

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