2U—a social platform that rewards users—was released to the global market on 28 October 2021 during a United Nations Commutech-hosted conference, highlighting the benefits of a globally shared service platform in the 5G era.

2U uses blockchain technology to create a secure platform for gig-economy workers, with additional communication functions such as instant message and video calls—and a unique members' rewards scheme.

2U Points—a unique way to accumulate 2U shares

2U members gain 0.4 2U points for each new user they successfully invite to join the 2U platform—PLUS a share of profit on every purchase they make in the 2U mall.

Rewards can be exchanged for 2U tokenised shares, issued on www.cryptosx.io and available for purchase and trade online, anywhere in the world.

You are the user—you are the owner!

Integrated AI

2U is in the process of integrating artificial intelligence in the platform, providing lively AI translation functions for everyone, worldwide.

The 2U blockchain platform operates on a no-bias, no discrimination basis, ensuring transparency in international social and commercial exchanges.

2U is committed to the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, contribute to charity, peace, and global sustainability through the provision of world-leading technologies, products and services. Members receive regular updates on 2U contributions via the quarterly 2U news.

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