Adopting the wrong set of golf swing plane is the main reason as to why many golfers fail to get that straight and farther swing. This is very common especially for the beginners. The worse part in this problem is that many golfer are not aware about them adopting the wrong set of golf swing plane. That is why for beginners in golf game it is required to practise regularly the proper technique before enter the golf course.

There are many types of golf swing plane tips that are available for you to choose. But choosing the right one is important which determines the proper technique that suitable for your problems. Different problem such as over the top or slicing of hooking will comes from the different types of golf swing plane problems.

By understanding this, there are 2 good golf swing plane tips that you can follow in order to get the feel of what a proper swing plane feels like.

Bow And Arrow Golf Swing Plane Tips

You can perform this swing plane tips without using any golf clubs. However, it will require you to be in the swing position with the ball at it's position. What you should do is to point the ball with your left arm and pull back your right arm as if you're going to shoot an arrow through the ball as though you are using the bow and arrow. This position that you're posing is the right and correct position for golf swing. Keep in mind that your shoulder should be pointing at the ball too. As you hold to this pose, move back your right hand like shooting the arrow. Go back and forth several times. With this practise you will understand how a proper backswing should feel.

The Baseball Swing Plane Tips

This golf swing plane drill is exactly how it sounds like. You will hold a golf club up to you knee or waist level as though you're holding a baseball bat. Take a couple of baseball swing and feel how the swing feels like. Simply twist your body and just turn back and around. Feel the circular motion that you make from turning around. Feel the momentum of your swing. This swing plane helps you to understand the momentum during performing the swing. You must understand that FORCING to hit the ball will only create disaster in your game. Let your momentum hit the ball. The only thing you will need to do is to guide your hands to go from the backswing to the downswing. This swing plan can help you get the straight and farther shot everytime.

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