In today’s challenging marketplace there are already so many problems that you really can’t afford to make any on your own! This is a time to sit up, pay attention, and work on your business. And yet so many business owners are doing the opposite; they have put blinders on and appear to be feeling their way through this in the dark. Let me shed some light.

Blunder #1: Waiting for the Economy to Change
You have adopted a wait and see approach to the current economic climate. You are certain that things will improve in time so it is best not to rock-the-boat or do anything significant but simply wade through the dry times. You are living on a blind hope, otherwise known as a wing and a prayer.

The Solution: Stop Waiting, Start Doing
Now, this is not the time to take random action, but it clearly is the time to take action. Whether it is leveraging your branding with complementary service providers or product solutions, finding new ways to get needed exposure, volunteering time and services or product for unique coverage, or a dozen other marketing opportunities, this is the time to take MASSIVE ACTION.

Blunder #2: Not Keeping Up with New Ways to Do Business
You learned all you need to know about business from school many moons ago or even just a few short years ago. You have all the answers and insist on doing business the way it has always been done. You are not open to new methods of marketing, new technology, or new ways to connect and don’t understand what all the excitement is about surrounding social media. You have built your business by word-of-mouth and will continue doing so, even though currently that has become a whisper instead of a shout.

The Solution: Develop New Ways to do Business
Educate yourself in the new marketing methods for the new millennium. We are living in a radically different market than even five years ago; the world is changing at warp speed and your marketplace along with it. What worked then won’t work now, just because you did it that way before, doesn’t guarantee you can do it that way now and get desired results. High tech has brought with it high touch, it has closed the communication gap and allowed everyone and anyone to connect in real time in cyberspace. Climb aboard and see what you’ve been missing. The consumer is different, the market is different, and you need to find new means of communicating, connecting, and celebrating your consumer.

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