If you're caught up in a harrowing storm of stress, depression or anxiety, you may feel that the storm will never pass. Most sufferers of these problems feel like this at some point and it further deepens the torment, intensifying the storm, a storm with no end in sight.

I want to give an all-to real example of how a sufferer can reach the point where they feel life will never change. You'll then see how to overcome this.

For example, you are under pressure at work and things aren't going so well at home. Relations with your spouse or other members of your family are strained and if that wasn't enough, you're struggling to manage your finances. You feel overwhelmed, you're under severe stress and as time passes, things go from bad to worse and you start to feel like life is beyond your control and things will never change.

Have you experienced this? Many, many people have including myself and goodness me it is a harrowing experience to go through it really is. You retreat into isolation, you try and try to work it out by yourself with the result that things go from bad to worse, you wake up in the middle of the night every night tormented by the demons in your mind and you start to think in harmful irrational ways like these:

"My world has collapsed and there's nothing I can do. I try and try but it's useless. Things will never change, life holds nothing for me any more and I'll always be like this."

My word, such thoughts are extremely harmful but what's important to understand is that such thoughts are seriously flawed. Two words do most of the damage here, they are ALWAYS and NEVER. IF you tell yourself that things will NEVER improve and that you'll ALWAYS be unhappy, you make life very hard and you make it very difficult to find answers to the situation you are in. You're believing the storm you're caught up in will never pass.

This simply isn't true because no storm can rage forever and no matter how violent it is it will ALWAYS blow itself out. This is the nature of life on this wonderful planet of ours; change is certain. You will face changes in your life that are welcome but you will also face changes that aren't welcome but change in whatever form will happen. Just as good times cannot last forever neither can the bad times and you will help yourself enormously by not using the words always and never to describe your situation.

I know that if stress, depression or anxiety are wreaking their destructive ways with you, it is very hard to see an end to the torment because finding answers is so hard. It is crucial to bear in mind that there are always solutions to problems, even though sometimes you may not like the outcome, a solution will be found and you can get on with the next chapter of your life. Your life will continue to change as the years roll by - it's been full of change up to now hasn't it? - and the key to happiness is to be able to adapt to change, be it welcome or unwanted.

Time for me to sign off but before I do, here's an empowering thought for you. Change doesn't have to arrive uninvited, you can invite change by choosing to exercise your power to create change when you want to. We all have this power and most of us use it when life is good - a house move or a new job for example. You still possess this power when life isn't so good, even when you are stressed, depressed or anxious. You have this power, you can invite change into your life, the choice to exercise this power is yours.

When you realize that nothing in life is permanent and that the storm you're caught up in right now will eventually pass, you'll take a big step towards reducing stress. And combine this with your power to create change by your own hand and you have two very effective strategies to help the storm pass quickly.

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