Talk about research - we went to Hawaii. It was 1999 we did a little research program to verify the effectiveness of our speed reading program. It was done in a small town in Hawaii, on Maui, where education wasn't that good and students certainly needed to read more effectively. The students received McDonald's Happy Meals for participating in the research project. McDonald's was a happy sponsor of my courses in Hawaii, and they have been extremely supportive of educational improvement around the world.

The first we timed the students reading speed, they were basically around 212 words per minute average. Then they took our course, and in 7 hours laters their speed had triple.

After that we took the course, and fine tuned it down to 4 basic technique. We then gave the condensed course to 3 eleven (11) year old secondary students to read.

Using a stop watch to time them, we told them to read the book following the instructions. And, wouldn't you know it, each one finished the course in about 28 minutes.

Then we tested their reading speeds again. All of them doubled their reading speed in 28 minutes. It was quite amazing to learn how fast and how easily the course worked, even for kids.

In 28 minutes anyone can learn the 4 basic Evelyn Wood Methods, double their reading speed and save themselves hundreds of seminar dollars.

Dr. Jay Polmar

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jay Polmar, haught rapid reading methods in several colleges and Universities in the US, and has authored over 40 books on education, speed reading, and self-help in English and 5 languages.