Quote - A dream written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A goal broken
down into steps becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by ACTION makes your dream come true. -Greg Reid

If you could plan your future, what would it look like? What are your hopes, dreams and images of financial success? What is it that makes you feel really special? In economic hard times, the secret is to outline your challenges, then create solutions for them. This calls for ongoing courage.

Here are 25 key solutions that will strengthen your courage to weather these economic storms.

1. Give more of your time, money, and thoughtfulness to others. Just because times are tough, does not mean you must stop giving. It all comes back to you in double measure. Your relationship with giving is the spiritual source of your true prosperity.
2. Exercise more to stay in good health; prepare and eat healthier foods. Fitness is essential to a health and wellness.
3. Pray more and increase your trust and faith in a Higher Power. Your spiritual side needs nourishment also.
4. Criticize or complain less; be more considerate of the feelings of others. This too, has a boomerang effect. Always follow the old rule, If you do not have anything good to say about another, do not say anything at all.
5. Work on changing all negative habits. Negative thinking brings about negative and unwanted conditions. Why would you wish that on yourself?
6. In all things you attempt to do, follow the guidance of God. Before going into any situation, be open to listening to your inner voice. It gives you your most positive and most accurate feeling.
7. Make a habit to listen more than you talk, and be open to understanding a different point of view.
8. Achieve something worthwhile. Set goals for each day and take specific actions that will help you accomplish them.
9. Learn a new skill and increase your knowledge in areas you do not now have.
10. Seek and master new ways to do something that has already been done, and strive do it better!
11. Use the power of reasoning by giving whatever it is you desire the highest
amount of your attention.
12. Make a concentrated effort to continuously improve, grow, and stay well.
13. Make a choice to be happy by keeping a positive attitude.
14. Do whatever it takes to improve your personal and business image.
15. Treat your life, family, friends, and others you meet as a precious gift to be enjoyed and valued. Regard them with a love that is special, remember, it will all come back to you.
16. Send forth good and see it multiply.
17. Be eager to learn new things.
18. Honor every one you come in contact with today, tomorrow, and put it on your list of ongoing things to do. Every time you do good things for others, this too, is paid back to you by the Universe.
19. Show compassion for those less fortunate then you are. Offer ways to help
others whenever and wherever you can. Give only good. The more you give of
yourself, the more comes back to you.
20. Learn to celebrate and share your abilities so that you can attract more of the same.
21. Use each day wisely and with gratitude, for every hour, every minute, and every second you are granted is precious.
22. Find new opportunities, then move toward your goal with a spiritual awareness.
26. Look at the world with a positive vision.
23. Learn from your mistakes and how to deal with them. It is important to know that you do not need to know it all. There is always someone you can go to for assistance, support, or technical information.
24. Continue learning until you master each challenge. After every failure you can compliment yourself for trying. Then tell yourself to try again.
25. Never give up. Failure means giving up.

Some of these keys are similar, but only because their importance bears repeating and remembering. Now, may your courage be strengthened and all your goals come true. May you be blessed with good health, increased financial security, and your prayers be answered. Express deep gratitude for everything you now have and all that is to come - and remember, life is short, so learn to enjoy it!

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