As the year winds down the world looks back on what was and what was not. Leading news czars like TIME in partnership with CNN do a round up on many topics from the mundane to the most interesting both online and offline. The World Wide Web is filled with listings that reflect selections of panels, experts, and user votes.

Here is what TIME listed as the top 25 websites that people can do without:

1. that constantly innovates to meet its large customer needs. The website has introduced a service where customers can place orders for out of print, blacklist, and large print books. And Amazon will be selling DRM free MP3s.

2. BBC.Co.UK is rich in content –world news, sports, radio, articles, audio and more.

3. is the popular source an guide for the choicest restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, and spas in dozens of cities. The website has user reviews as well as editor’s picks.

4. is popular world over with classifieds for every category.

5. is a platform for sharing favorite links and knows what others like and enjoy.

6. is the undisputed leader is social news. Users determine what’s happening and what is not.

7. is the buzzing marketplace where selling is hot business.

8. the sports fanatics’ choice.

9. has given a new meaning to social networking.

10. is a source for checking political facts. Independent, non partisan, and accurate.

11. is a showcase for photographs to be shared with one and all.

12. is the world’s leading Web search engine.

13. is a great resource for those who want to know how things work.

14. The Internet Movie Database is an extensive directory of films and TV shows of the past, present, and future.

15. is for people with spirit, a video sharing hub it has more visitors than many.

16. is for those with wings on their feet. A search engine for hundreds of travel sites to locate best air fares.

17. National is a resource for educational information.

18. has digital movie downloads.

19. is a blog search engine with hot topics of the day.

20. TMZ .com is the preferred source for celebrity and entertainment news.

21. is the official web portal for the US government.

22. is a recap of popular TV shows.

23. is a resource for health related information.

24. is the encyclopedia with zillions of topics and languages.

25. a site that innovates constantly to offer users greater facilities like unlimited mail storage.

The World Wide Web is a much happening place and popularity ratings reflect user patterns and more. Websites have to set high standards and maintain services to be on top and voters, expert panels, and editors have stringent norms for selection.

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Timothy Rudon is a freelance writer for Online Press Releases , the premier website to Submit Free Press Release for any announcements including launching of new product or services, new website, announcing new hires, sponsoring a special event or seminar and more.