There are two ways of seeing the world. In the old paradigm nature is something the establishment goes against and attacks. The world is seen only through the 5 senses and what appears solid is accepted with trepidation. Everything is dissected and seen as separate. War is seen as a way to peace and it’s a dog eat dog world with conclusions and actions based in greed.

Luckily science has evolved. We now know that what appears solid is mostly space. We know that there is a quantum field of possibility to play in. And thanks to scientists like Bruce Lipton, we know that chemical reactions in the body are preceded and maneuvered by thoughts and emotions. We can expand, include and rely on greater awarenessess like intuition, feeling, and inspiration. We know everything is interconnected and that in most cases it makes more sense to work with nature rather than against it.

"If cancer specialists were to admit publicly that chemotherapy is of limited usefulness and is often dangerous, the public might demand a radical change in direction—possibly toward unorthodox and nontoxic methods, and toward cancer prevention. ...The use of chemotherapy is even advocated by those members of the establishment who realize how ineffective and dangerous it can be." - Ralph W. Moss, former head of the research dept. at Sloan Kettering and author, “The Cancer Industry”

60 years ago 1 in 50 people got cancer. Today after billions of dollars of research the statistics are 1 in 3.

Chemotherapy is extremely toxic. It’s like blowing up your house because you have rodents. There is no way a doctor would allow a healthy person to undergo this debilitating treatment when well. Where does it make sense to do that to a sick person? The fact is becoming clearer every day. In most cases, toximolecular science doesn’t work.

We live inside an obsolete worldview where the unthinkable appears reasonable, sensible and even intelligent. I have been a natural health advocate for over 25 years. My research shows that medical science does not have all the answers and in fact in some ways is going in the wrong direction. There is the possibility of a saner, sustainable world. Here's what my clients and friends have done to reverse their disease processes:

1) First determine and decide absolutely that you want to live. It
might not be possible but if your attitude is that you are going to beat
this most probably you will.
2) Make this healing your priority
3) Alkalize and enzymize your blood. Drink a lot of raw vegetable
juices, wheat grass juice and lean heavily if not totally towards a vegan
diet. This disease cannot tolerate an alkaline environment. Change the field in which the cancer thrives. Cut out all 'bad' and acidic foods. Enzymes are what keep us alive and play a large part in the art of regeneration.
4) Take Natural Cellular Defense. This is a safe liquid chelator that
takes out environmental toxins, helps alkalize the blood and boost the
immune system. It will also balance out your electro-magnetic signature and we are, after all is said and done, made of energy/electricity.
5) Carefully pick a supplement regime with a trusted nutrition intuition coach. If at all possible find a meridian stress test specialist. This will take
out all the guesswork on what nutricueticals would be best for you at this
6) Find a practitioner who is familiar with Dr. Hamer's work. This work
will guide you to release the area of emotional shock that caused the trauma that most likely caused the cancer (or any other disease for that matter) to grow. In many cases there is a traumatic incident 4-12 months prior to the discovery of the cancer that ‘breaks the camels back.’ Revealing that could save your life.
7) Find out how to release emotional negativity. There are 2
organizations with great mind/body technology - and
8) Take homeopathic remedies to release the biological/brain issue. Even though you want to get well, your brain may be programmed to do something else. We all have a genetic lineage to deal with that may have to be addressed. Family issues do show up in our tissues.
9) Boost your immune system by eliminated toxic body burden
10) By laughing more
11) By finding ways to nurture yourself at all costs
12) By learning to love yourself at an entirely new level
13) Find out who you need to forgive and do it
14) Get high quality healing sessions with a trusted practitioner
15) Stimulate your own stem cell circulation with Stem Enhance
16) Talk out your fears, hopes and needs with a friend
17) Eat cottage cheese with high quality flax oil
18) Go out in nature and drink in its strength - pull it into yourself
19) Make your needs important
20) Be kinder and more tender to everyone including yourself
21) Research about health
22) Read really inspiring books
23) Watch funny movies
24) Pray
25) Get the best health coach successfully in the field for many years

There is a new day dawning. We are evolving from entrenched and archaic systems that are cumbersome to our fullest functioning as human beings. With proper support, you can reclaim your health and power back.

Madalyn Suozzo is a natural health coach and activist and medical intuitive for 25 years. (800) 900-551

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Madalyn Suozzo is a natural health coach and activist and medical intuitive for 25 years.
(800) 900-551