Life is a struggle and it is more difficult for those who have lost their hair. Yes, it is a bitter truth that bald people are considered “old” and not worthy of any active participation in events. So much so, they are often left out of party celebrations and birthday get-togethers. Is baldness the end of life? NO! There is a cure for baldness and that is to get a hair transplant. It is expensive but there are options to pay in installments.

Latest Hair Growth Methods

The hair clinics in Delhi have come up with a wonderful solution for baldness. You can cure mild baldness with special hair treatment solutions such as mesotherapy and PRP treatment. For the

Best Hair Transplant in Delhi goes to the Delhi Hair Clinic because they give you 25 years of guarantee for your hair transplant. If you have only mild baldness, they have other effective solutions. First, get an appointment with the hair clinic and find out what the solution is and how you must go about it.

Choose the Optimum Solution

If you have low or medium baldness, it is advisable to try the hair loss treatments instead of going in for a complete hair transplant. You will save money and time and in most cases, you will get your full hair growth back. Only when this fails or if you have complete baldness, then you must try the hair transplant surgery option. This is costly and will cost in the 30,000 - 1,20,000 INR region. The cost is calculated as per the number of hair follicles you need to cover your baldness.

Method of the Hair Transplant

For a mildly bald head, you need about 2,500 hair follicles. If you are completely bald, this could be around 5,000 - 6,000 hair follicles. Each hair follicle costs 30-40 INR. Remember, you are guaranteed for 25 years after the hair transplant. But, arranging so much money will take time. Or, check the installment option and see if it suits you. The other hair loss treatments will not cost this much and might prove sufficient for hair to grow again.

Hair Loss Treatment

In mesotherapy, a herbal mixture containing vitamins is injected into the scalp. This stimulates hair growth within months and then you will have permanent hair growth. You might have to undergo two to three treatments to see effective results. The other popular method is PRP treatment. In this, we inject protein-rich plasma (PRP) from the back of the head where hair grows thick to the parts where you do not have sufficient hair growth. You can get a friend with long hair to contribute the PRP if you want.

Start Treatment Now

Whether you choose the hair transplant or the hair loss treatment solution, it is important to begin your treatment immediately. The faster you get your hair back, the better it is for you. A youthful appearance will improve your job success and increase the number of opportunities you get. So, begin to live life again as a youthful and vigorous person. Get an appointment with the hair clinic today.

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