You’ve probably heard about how affirmations can improve your life. Some people claim that you can achieve anything you want with the power of positive thoughts.

Anything? Does that mean you can become an NBA superstar, even though you’re 5’5”, 50 years old, can’t jump or run, and aren’t a team player?

Perhaps not. But certainly, your thoughts and focus influence your reality, within the confines of your fate (much of which is set before your birth).

Your fate has a lot to do with your abilities and what you can achieve.

For example, in our many years of empirical research, we’ve found that one’s psychic ability is mostly inborn, just like other talents people possess, such as athleticism, business knowhow, interpersonal skills (including good parenting ability), and musical talent.

Are inborn abilities just chance in a chaotic universe, completely random? Are they “gifts” from some higher power? We don’t believe so. Instead, we’ve found that everything you’re good at now, you’ve practiced many times in past lives. Your inherent skills (and those in which you are deficient) are part of your fate (which is the same thing as destiny).

Fortunately, we’ve also found that everyone has free will to make the most of their fate and their lives. You may not have what it takes to be a professional athlete, but you can still enjoy the game. It may be that your desire to be a star, if strong enough and you practice enough, will carry over into future lives where you’ll finally have your chance.

It’s up to you: you can focus on negative thoughts and life’s problems that you have no control over, or you can do the opposite and use the power of your mind to transform your life.

Below are 25 magic affirmations to help you be more intuitive and have psychic dreams. The more you repeat one or more to yourself, the more your mind will accept them and play along since the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Note: affirmations or subliminal MP3s work using “you” or “I.” But, “you” can be more effective for skeptics, and ”I” can produce better results if you don’t like following direction. Repetition, which is one of the keys with affirmations and subliminal MP3s, will overcome either hurdle.

I am recalling my psychic dreams

I am remembering more of my dreams as time goes on

I write down my dreams as soon as I wake up, which helps me remember them

Remembering my dreams is fun

I am remembering detailed information from my dreams

My dreams are easy to understand

I am able to distinguish between psychic dreams and nonsense dreams

I’m becoming more and more psychic

I’m trusting my psychic impressions

I am accepting my psychic abilities

I am developing my intuition by meditating daily

I am making time to meditate daily

I enjoy meditating

Meditation calms me

Meditation centers me

Meditation rewards me

I am improving my focus in meditation

I trust my intuition

I pay attention to my intuition

I am getting better at reading people

I sense energy from other people

Answers to my questions come to me

I am seeing, hearing, and sensing answers

I am always protected by white Light

I remember to consciously protect myself with white Light

Now that you know your thoughts influence your reality, you can use these affirmations to be more intuitive and have psychic dreams

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