It’s more than okay if you have a confirmed flight reservations and now you want to change it as you can’t really travel. Whether you make changes and postpone or prepone the trip or totally cancel it, you will always be allowed to cancel it or change it without any hassle. New passengers usually don’t know but if you need guidance to cancel or make any changes on the flights, you can check on this article that has all the valid information that you need.

Making changes on the flight reservations on Delta Airlines

Changes that are made on the flights of Delta Airlines are always good if you have genuine reasons plus the flexible policies. However there are people who still need help with the information on Delta reservations. In case you also need the proper guidance then here you go.

Steps to change the flight on Delta Airlines

  1. For making changes on the flights, just go on the website of the airline and then tap on the option of manage bookings.
  2. Under the manage booking link, you will find the option of change booking that you can use for the making the changes in the bookings.
  3. Now enter all the details like booking number plus the name of the passenger. Now as the other adjoining details pop up, scroll for the edit option and then pick all the changes that you want to make on your reservations.
  4. Once you have made the changes, now follow the instructions and then pay off the fare difference if there is any.
  5. You can also choose to call on the helpline number and then make a request to implement the changes on the bookings of the airline.

Flight changes policies of the Delta Airlines

  1. As per the 24 hours policy, if any passenger cancels the flight or changes it within 24 hours of the booking then you can process the flight changes free of cost. Generally people who buy the flight tickets and change it within minutes are not accountable to any sort of fees.
  2. But for the few changes, you have to make sure that the flight ticket was booked within a week of departure and the flight fare was refundable.
  3. For all the passengers booking flights and then making the changes after 24 hours will be charged accordingly the flight reservation type.
  4. You can’t make changes on the flights that are not refundable or were purchased as the part of any award ticket. Or If the flight reservation was on economy seat then also you can’t change the flight ticket.
  5. You can make the changes just once and also you can’t change the entire name on the flight but make sure that you only rectify the spelling mistake on the bookings.

Flight cancelation Steps and policies on Delta Airlines

  1. If you cancel your flight booking on Delta Airlines then you would need details like Delta booking number. For more details, here is how you can proceed with the changes.
  2. To cancel any booking on Delta Airlines, first of all tap on the booking page and then go to the manage booking section of the airline.
  3. Now from here, head to the flight cancellation option of the airline and then enter all the details like flight cancellation.
  4. Now fill out all the details and scroll to find the cancel tab. As you tap on the cancel button, the bookings will be automatically terminated and you will receive a notification of that.
  5. You can even dial the helpline number and then request the airline to cancel all the bookings of the airline.

Flight cancellation policies

  1. If you cancel the bookings on the Delta Airlines within 24 hours of the reservations then you can apply for the free cancellation without any flight fee deduction.
  2. And if you cancel the same flight after 24 hours and less than seven days of the flight departure then you have to pay for the flight cancellation fee. The flight cancellation fee will be charged according to the type of flight fare you have.
  3. In case you have any non refundable flight, then you can cancel the booking but can’t claim your flight refund. You can apply for the travel credit that you can use for the flight reservation in next one year on the same airline.
  4. The flight refund will be allowed only on the confirmed and refundable flight reservations.
  5. You can check on the flight booking by simply going on the website of the airline which gets refunded maximum in a week.

And that’s it! For more information related to the Delta booking, contact on the Delta phone numberThe helpline number works 24x7 for the assistance of the passengers.

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